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Ranging from all walks of UO backgrounds and eras, plus professionals in their own fields, the Outlands staff is possibly the most talented group of people that have come together to create a shard.


  • Luthius: Lead Developer
  • Owyn: Lead Administrator & Map Designer


  • Expo: Content Coordinator, Event Manager & Community Liason


  • Jaedan: Developer, system optimisation specialist, ClassicUO project lead
  • Vorspire: Developer, author of Launcher


  • Lenz: Lead Gamemaster & Roleplaying Community Liason
  • Calak: Gamemaster & Moderator

Counselors & Support

  • Adams: Counselor & Moderator
  • Alias: European Counselor & Moderator
  • Atilla: European Counselor & Moderator
  • Mantic: Counselor & Moderator
  • Secretman: European Counselor & Moderator
  • Troi: Counselor & Moderator

To contact a staff member, please reach out directly to Owyn via Discord or e-mail [email protected]

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