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Skills - Animal Taming



Shelter Island/New Player Dungeon


The Mausoleum



Darkmire Temple




Aegis Keep

Mount Petram


When a player is currently riding a mount, that mount's effective Control Slots is reduced to 0, meaning a player riding a mount may still have 5 control slots worth of tamed creatures at their command. If a player dismounts, and then exceeds their control slot limit, they will not be able to command any of their tamed creatures until they remount their mount or release one of their followers and are at 5 or lower control slots.


Ability Cooldowns

Creatures have two types of abilities listed: Regular and Passive. By default, creatures can use only one Regular ability every 15 seconds (the Haste trait can improve this cooldown, however). Creatures can use Passive abilities as often as they are triggered or relevant. There is no cooldown for Passive Abilities.

Some creatures, such as Ember Dragons have multiple Regular abilities (such as Fire Breath and Massive Fire Breath). When determining if the creature will do an ability, it will randomly choose which ability to use from all valid abilities it currently meets the requirements for (has valid target, is within ability's range, etc).

Player vs Player

All damage (not just from abilities) from tamed creatures to players is reduced by 50%. This includes damage from melee attacks, spells, poison, or abilities. When tamed creatures deal any form of damage to a player (melee attacks, spells, abilities, poison, etc) rather than having a 100% chance to interrupt the player's spells, tamed creatures instead have a (Damage Inflicted * 1%) chance to interrupt the player.

Any ability listed below that has a percentage chance to be triggered will have it's chance reduced by 50% if the ability is against a player. Additionally, any abilities that have a duration (excluding Poison, Bleed, and Disease) will have that duration reduced by 50% if it affects a player.


Any time a tamed creature attempts to apply poison to a player, there is a 50% chance the player will be immune to it/ignore its effect. This includes normal poison attempts from Melee attacks as well as Poison applied from ability effects.

The highest normal poison level tamed creatures can inflict is Deadly, however a number of creatures have Traits, such as Virulent Poison, that gives them a chance to inflict a higher level poison (potentially upgrading Deadly to Lethal).

Stat/Skill Variations

When tamable creatures spawn, each of their Tamed Stats and Skills is randomized between -10% to +10 of its normal base amount. This means that players can potentially search for the "best" version of a creature out there, one that has a large number of "positive" bonuses to stats and skills.

Players can see how their tamed creature compares to the base value for the creature with the "Values vs Avg" amount listed on the right side of the Animal Lore gump for the creature. For this Bestiary, all creature values shown are exactly at the base value (+0% variation).


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