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Ultima Mapper is a full-featured mapping application for Ultima Online, with support for health tracking, corpse tracking, and a whole lot more created and actively developed by Mad Martyr.

Downloading Ultima Mapper

Click the link below to download the Ultima Mapper from its website.


Configure for Outlands

Once you have downloaded the program above:

  • Go to Outlands Mapper GitHub and download the zip
  • Exact the files to C:\Users\USER\Documents\Ultima Mapper
  • Run Ultima Mapper
  • Go File > Settings
  • Set the resource path to the new folder you just created. C:\Users\USER\Documents\Ultima Mapper
  • Restart Ultima Mapper

Adding Markers

A group of beta testers have worked to get locations marked for players to utilize during launch and beyond to help familiarize themselves with a new map, places to train their skills, tameables, points of interest, etc.


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