Installing Outlands


Outlands is a highly customized gaming world featuring a brand new map, new monster animations, new clothing items, custom hues and more.  We have made the installation process as easy as possible. Simply download our Launcher, choose your install directory, and away you go!



Important Notes:  


  1. Disable your AntiVirus or make an exception for the Outlands launcher prior to installing.   If the launcher cannot connect to the internet, it cannot download and install the required files.   
  2. Right click “OutlandsUO.exe” and select “Run as Administrator” when you first install Outlands.   “Run as Administrator” will fix 95% of any issues you experience moving forward. 


Outlands is highly customized and requires our files to login.  If you already have our most up to date files and are looking for the login information, it is as follows:  2593


Step 1:

Read and agree to our Shard Rules & Naming Guidelines to download our Launcher.



Step 2:

Right click “OutlandsUO.exe” and select “Run as Administrator.”


Step 3:

Choose your installation path and click the “OK” button. We recommend you install it to the default directory as shown below.


Step 4:

Download the Outlands game files.   Steam and Razor come pre-packaged with the installation.  The total installation is approximately 2.5gb in size.


Step 5:

Once you see the “Operation Complete” indicator, click the Verify button middle-top of the Launcher to confirm everything has been downloaded from the server.

Once installation is complete, choose Razor or Steam from the middle icons to login to Outlands!

Outlands features auto-account creation, so simply pick your assistant of choice and login!



Step 6:

Moving forward, every time you login to play Outlands, simply right click the Outlands icon created on your Desktop, and select “Run as Administrator”:


Description of Menu Options:



WebsiteLinks to our website
DiscordLinks to our Discord channel where you can interact with our Staff and community
VerifyVerify to make sure you have a proper installation
LogsShow recent log files which are beneficial in troubleshooting Patcher issues
RelocateAllows you to alter your file installation path, which isn’t recommended unless necessary.

Forcing Game Window Resolution 


In order to force your game size window, please click the Settings tab in your Launcher, located at the top right (purple.)


From the dropdown menu next to your assistant of choice (Razor or Steam), you can choose your resolution.


Common Errors:




Outlands does not use map1.mul, therefor this is an inconsequential error (not game altering) related to your computers Virtual Memory and Steam’s loading protocol.  Steam requires 2GB of free Virtual Memory to load, so you may notice you don’t get this error after you reboot your computer.


Steam is hardcoded to load .mul files in a certain order, and since Outlands uses heavily customized files, the size of the size of the files causes steam to error on loading map1. If Steam was an open source program, we could fix this error, however the source code is not available.


Simply click “OK” and login as normal.



Steam is Crashing! 


Try changing the Patcher/Steam compatibility to Windows 8.  Navigate to UOS.exe in your Outlands /Steam/directory.  Right click.  Properties.  Compatibility tab:



Razor is Corrupt


This issue happens most commonly when another instance of Razor is installed on the machine previously or at present.

Navigate to your Outlands /Razor/ directory and launch Razor directly.

If this doesn’t solve the issue, try to install a new version of Razor and point it to Outlands files.




If you are encountering issues, please join us in Discord.