UO Outlands News

VIDEO: Shard Happens Episode 24 – Wildlands Expansion Day

The Wildlands Expansion has officially launched! Join us as we explore the rustic and weathered new town of Totem, discover vast new landmasses, and embark on thrilling adventures. Watch as pioneers place the first houses in this uncharted territory, encounter fierce new monsters, and battle for survival in this expansive expansion!  

Login Connectivity Issues

The shard is currently experiencing login connectivity issues. While many players are currently logged in, some are unable to login immediately. Please wait before rapidly making multiple login attempts. We are working to resolve the issue and appreciate your patience and understanding.

The Wildlands Expansion is LIVE!

The Wildlands Expansion is LIVE! Outlands reached new heights with nearly 4,000 players online simultaneously! A mandatory file patch is available for download. Please click Verify now to make sure your game files are up to date. The new lands are accessible via Public Moongate to Totem or by ship. We sincerely thank the community […]

Wildlands Expansion Settlement & Mooring Lotteries

The Expansion Settlement & Mooring lotteries will begin May 4, 2024 at 11:00 AM ET. Both House and Houseboat lotteries will be available. Tickets will be available for purchase 2 weeks ahead of the expansion launching Each account is eligible to enter once, at a cost of 10K gold or 10K doubloons, so long as […]

PATCH: Spring 2024 Prevalian Merchant Items

The Prevalian Merchant has been updated with a variety of new Spring themed decorative items. Spring 2024 Seasonal Hue Shimmer Nova Collection (Hue 1280) Shimmer Nova is a limited-edition hue that players can purchase a variety of items in and will NEVER RETURN. Shimmer Nova (Hue 1280) Cloth Backpack Dye Hair Dye Facial Hair Dye Furniture Dye Runebook Dye […]

Outlands Turned 2000 Days Old!

Outlands turned 2000 Days Old on April 18th. To commemorate the occasion, a Two Thousand Day cake is available now! Just double-click the cake on display at the Prevalia fountain to claim your random hued gift. Here’s to many more days of exploration and fun! (handout available until April 25)  

Wildlands Expansion Release Date!

Prepare yourself for an adventure that expands the boundaries of our We’re thrilled to announce the highly anticipated Wildlands Expansion will officially launch on May 18th!   Prepare yourself for an adventure that expands the boundaries of Outlands’ already vast world, including a massive new continent to explore, a new town, two new full scale […]

The Easter Feast Has Ended!

The Easter Feast event has come to an end! Congratulations to Gatyapan, who caught the fattest rabbit, beating out nearly 2870 other contestants. Rewards have been distributed directly to participants bank boxes.