Our news

Development Pipeline Update: September 29

Luthius has provided an update to the Outlands Development Pipeline. Read more about it below:  

PATCH: September 23 – Pet Buff & IDOC Changes!

After 2 weeks monitoring the pet re-balance, we have given pets a boost.  Please read on for more info…  

Community Announcements & Rule Updates

We have a few announcements we would like you to pay close attention to. There is no TL:DR, so please do your due diligence to stay up to date.  

PATCH: September 16 – Notoriety Fixes

Tweaks have continued to be made to refine our notoriety system.  Please click the title above to read more:  

PATCH: September 14 – Pet Resurrection Sickness Eliminated

Pets no longer suffer from Resurrection sickness!  Click the title for more info!  

VIDEO: PvP and Guild Expansion

Outlands receives the PvP injection players were seeking, invoking rivalries and battles to satisfy even the most hardened warriors! Click for more info.