Thank you for your interest in supporting the Outlands shard!


All donations made to UO Outlands support the operating costs of the shard, future in-game enhancements (such as new artwork, new monsters, marketing promotions, etc), server development and server upgrades.


There are no skill balls or game altering purchases available:  everything is cosmetic.  If you would like to view what is available on the Prevalian Merchant, please click here.




$1.00 USD = 1 Prevalia Coin



Once you receive your Prevalia coin’s ingame (in your character’s bank), you can visit the Prevalian Merchant (in Prevalia) to purchase your goods.


To view your account balance, speak to any banker.  (“balance.”)


Thank you very much for your support of Outlands!




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Character Name


Please allow 24hours for coins to be delivered. 



Please note that all donations are final.  By donating you agree to donate to Outlands and are receiving Prevalia Coin in kind for your generous contribution.


Donating to Outlands does not exempt you from our Terms of Use.


Being banned from Outlands does not warrant a refund.


If you would like to donate directly via Paypal, the associated e-mail address is


In addition, we are able to accept mainstream cryptocurrency, so if you would like to donate via this method please contact Owyn via Discord or e-mail