Outlands received many generous contributions along the way, and for that we are grateful!


We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this project without the support of the following people:


AdmerylousMap decoration, Pulma dungeon
Vert-I-GoNew monster animations
clxMap, Consultation, Community, Support
ExpoMedia, Wiki, Community, Support
FrancisMap (Crossroads)
Ivan Z.Map & Hues (Tasartir)
JaedanOrion, Assistant, Consultation
K.K.G.In Loving Memory
Nolda & TeamAndaria Shard, Map, Art & Houses
NyrayPaperdoll Art
RubraPaperdoll Art
SiebenwindPaperdoll Art
uo-pixel.deArt, Texture Assets
ValorianArt, Map
Erik GrayLore & New Art/Animations



In some instances, map assets were used from old or dead custom map projects.  These include: Rel Por, Crossroads, Fallen Ashes, Khaeros, Mittlerde, and Tsaratir.  In every instance, the assets were modified to suit Outlands or re-built entirely.


Every effort was made to contact the original authors where applicable, and all credit is given to them. Thank you to the builders before us for their generosity!