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PATCH: September 14 – Pet Resurrection Sickness Eliminated

Pets no longer suffer from Resurrection sickness!  Click the title for more info!  

VIDEO: PvP and Guild Expansion

Outlands receives the PvP injection players were seeking, invoking rivalries and battles to satisfy even the most hardened warriors! Click for more info.    

PATCH: September 7 – Poker is live!

The long awaited Poker system has been added to the live shard! Read about the amazing system below:  

PATCH: September 7 – The Epic PvP/Guild Patch

Guild & PvP Expansion  The infamous Guild and PvP Patch is finally here! We recommend that all players read all entries if they intend to take part in those respective systems.  

PATCH: August 31 – Custodian and other Bug Fixes

More house and player customization options have been added! Check below for the info:

VIDEO: The King’s Faire Closing Ceremony – The Queen of Prevalia’s Misfortune

The King’s Faire has ended but a nefarious plot unfolds as the Queen of Prevalia is stricken by an unknown curse during the Closing Ceremony event! Watch the video below: