Alacrity Scrolls – Thank You

Due to the downtime & revert we unexpectedly experienced in the last 48hrs, we have given every player an “Alacrity Scroll.”

The requirement for a handout of this nature is 5+ hours of downtime or revert.  (so don’t get used to it!)





  • Due to the rollback we had several days ago and the unexpected downtime to fix a code issue, all players will receive an “Alacrity Scroll” in their backpack
  • Alacrity Scrolls are blessed and only usable by that player
  • Alacrity Scrolls must be used within 1 week of receiving them
  • Players can double-click an Alacrity Scroll to open a gump menu, where they may chose a bonus to receive for the next 6 hours with that character
  • Upon making a selection, the player must select the “Activate Bonus” twice to confirm and activate the bonus for that player

Players may chose from the following bonuses:

  • +25% Gold Drops (will not increased Mini-Boss or Boss Gold amounts, and will not stack with other player’s Alacrity Gold Drop bonuses)
  • +25% Skill Gain (will apply to all skills including crafting, harvesting, and taming)