EVENT: The King’s Faire – August 10-25

King Iaric IV of Prevalia invites all citizens of the realm to The King’s Faire!




Celebrating the strength and unity of Prevalia for over 70 years, the King’s Faire has brought generations together amidst hardship and turmoil to revel and put aside their troubles.


Originally held by King Calym III beginning in the years following the tyrannical rules of the Mad Emperors and the sacking of Lower Prevalia, the King’s Faire was a way to help heal the suffering and pain of the Prevalian people, as well as a method of raising money to help Prevalia rise to power once more. The Faire has since become a tradition observed by citizens across all three Kingdoms — with games, entertainments, refreshments, and more for all to enjoy!


For the sake of keeping the King’s peace, the Faire, with the aid of Dornoll the Druid, is held on a hidden island known only to the Druids. For that reason, all who wish to partake of the merriment must climb aboard the ferry conveniently located at the Prevalian docks.


So come try your hand at the Axe Throw, Jousting, Ladder Golf, the Dunk Tank (a long-standing tradition of ‘drowning’ the Mad Emperor Linus, and the grief that followed his reign), Boxing, and much more! Special vendors and merchants shall make their unique wares available! Come watch the realm’s finest jugglers and fire breathers! Participate in the King’s Faire Fishing Tournament!


Most of all, come and enjoy yourself! The ferry departs from Prevalia harbor!


August 10 – 25, 2019


(as written by Seer Erik Gray)