Launch Expectations

Launch is nearly here, and I wanted to take the time to offer some insight for the coming days..


  1. There will be lag. If you don’t need to be on Shelter Island and in the Young program, leave!  You can use the moongate above the mine, the boat at the docks or the passageway under the Inn. Prevalia is a great place to start your adventure.
  2. There will (most likely, but hopefully not) be crashes.  We will do our best to fix any issues as they come.  Stay tuned to Discord for status updates.
  3. You will be griefed, poisoned, attacked, blocked, etc.  Some players will login simply to make your gameplay experience miserable.  Welcome to the wonderful world of MMORPGs!  If you are seeking safety, play in a group.  Join a guild! Make some new friends.
  4. We will (probably) be DDoS’d.  We have had threats from within the UO community and are expecting to be hit quite hard.  This is inevitable, and simply means you’re in the right spot!  If a shard is worth DDoS’ing, it is doing something right…
  5. It will be the most fun you’ve ever had in UO!  Launch week is a fun and fast paced race to the top of the proverbial shard pile, but remember – you can play at your own pace, too.


So long as you’re mentally prepared, you will have a good time!  It’ll hectic and crazy and exhilarating.  We’d love for you to take as many screenshots and videos as possible to remember this day, as it’s been years in the making.


As always, we will do our best to communicate witth you as we navigate a busy week.  Please rely on our player community as much as possible instead of inundating the staff, especially with questions relating to directions, templates/builds and gameplay mechanics.  Staff will be busy handling real issues behind the scenes.  Private message the developers only when necessary.


Status updates will be given via our Discord #announcements channel and our Forum “Announcements” section.  If you’re looking for an update, check those venues.


If you would like to report a bug, require technical or account assistance or would like to report abuse of the  rules, please feel free to message Owyn in Discord or e-mail Thank you!


Welcome to Outlands, and have fun!