A new file patch has been uploaded! In preparation for coming events, please make sure to run your Launcher before logging into the shard.



As always, please turn OFF everything to do with Outlands and launch your Launcher as Administrator.



There are 8 new files to be downloaded. Included in this update is:




  • Holiday decorations are removed
  • Darkmire level 3 is now functional
  • Pillars have been removed from some boss areas
  • Cavernam is now patched in, but will launch on January 26th
  • Ossuary 4 is now patched, but will launch at a future date
  • Mausoleum 2 has had a slight expansion


Art & Hues: 


  • Added new art items
  • Added new hues & organized our hues file


If for some reason your Launcher is having issues downloading, you can download the files directly using this mirror and drop them into your Outlands folder.