PATCH: April 1

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Patch Notes

Sexychat Crystals

A new item, Sexychat Crystals, has been added to the Prevalia Market Merchant

Players can spend 1 Prevalia Coin per minute to have fun, flirty chat with hot young NPCs just waiting to talk about anything Ultima!

Operators are standing by…

Shrine Corruptions / Treasure Maps / Soceity Job Creatures

  • Fixed an issue that was spawning very high numbers of “Blood” creatures and Doppelgangers for Shrine Corruptions, Treasure Map Creature Spawns, and Society Jobs and should now spawn creatures as intended

Aspect Gear

  • Fixed an issue where players were potentially draining Arcane Essence while not having a valid Aspect Gear Weapon/Spellbook or Armor set in place
  • Fixed several issues where players were not correctly being tracked as having an Aspect Gear in place

Corpse Creek Contest

  • Fixed a display issue with score updates that were incorrectly displaying which guild was currently in the lead score-wise

Faction Struggles

  • Player respawn times after a Faction Struggle death have been reduced to 1 minute (previously were 2 minutes)
  • The Fast Respawn Underdog Bonus now reduces respawn times by 30 seconds (previously was 1 minute)

Arena Rulesets

  • Fixed an issue where Order Rulesets for Arena Tournaments were incorrectly allowing unlimited “Poison Cast Upgrades” (should correctly be 5 per match now)

Rare Cloth Stacking

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing some rare cloth types from stacking

Repair Benches

  • Repair Benches now require a line-of-sight (LOS) in order to use them
  • The maximum number of uses for Repair Benches has been increased to 500 (previously was 100)

Long Overcoat

  • The Long Overcoat clothing item is now Outer Torso layer (previously was Middle Torso)

Trapped Containers

  • Fixed an issue where trapped containers could potentially be detonated on NPC Vendors

Locked Down Item Stacking

  • Players should now be able to stack Gold, Doubloons, Prevalia Coins, Boards, Ingots, and Leather into locked down piles in houses

Placeable Tinker Traps

  • Players must now have 1 tile space in between placed Tinker Traps

Fortune Aspect Traveler’s Lantern

  • The hue for Fortune Traveler’s Lanterns has been corrected

Autostabling / Retrieving Pets

  • Players “pulling” their pets to them via logging in or retrieving them from the stables will no longer automatically resurrect and/or heal them


  • Players who are Friended to, Co-owner, or Owner of a house may now always resurrect any players while inside that house

Spell Visuals

  • Added caps to the number of displayed spell effects for AoE buff spells (Arch Cure / Arch Protection) when near large groups of players (to prevent potential lag issues)

Gump Backgrounds

  • Fixed a number of gump backgrounds that were showing up as red hue (instead of black)
  • Revised all “black” gump backgrounds to now be “true black” and have much nicer contrast

Movement Handling

  • Added code handling to smooth mounted movement handling for some clients

Housing Decay

  • Fixed a potential issue that was causing IDOC level of houses to sometimes not properly decay at the intended 12-24 hour range

Performance Updates

  • Added some updated handling for “Ticks” and “Timers” to potentially improve server performance
  • Updated the Random Number Generator code to utilize hardware improvements