PATCH: August 31 – Custodian and other Bug Fixes

More house and player customization options have been added! Check below for the info:

Arena Order Matches

  • Players who are not using an Arena Template and have invalid skills/stats in their base character for Order Matches (such as having above 25 Dex, Healing skill, etc) will not be able to participate in matches; these players must create a valid Arena Template without the ruleset restrictions to participate in an Order match for duels and tournaments


  • Players having insufficient skills to perform Disarm or Hamstring (such as when they switch from a weapon to Wrestling) will no longer deactive their toggle for Disarm/Hamstring when making swings

Boss Results

  • [BossResults will now automatically update on server reboots


  • Custodians should now (finally!) be working properly for both Mini-Bosses and Bosses


  • Fixed an issue where Effect Inscription Skill wasn’t being properly factored into the Magic Reflection spell’s chance to remain active when hit by a creature’s spell

Test Center

  • As a policy going forward we will be wiping Houses on test center whenever we update test center: largely due to players using Test Center as a IDOC research mechanism