PATCH: January 26/27

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  • Cavernam Dungeon has been finished and will be opened with the completion of the Cavernam Expedition event
  • Added new Achievements for Cavernam Slaying
  • Added new Society Jobs for Cavernam
  • Updated the Atlas’ entries for Cavernam
  • Cavernam Creatures added into the Shrine Corruption creature pool

Prevalia Marketplace

  • Three new clothing Items have been added for purchase under the “Limited Edition” category: Fur Belt, Tattered Short Pants, and Ragged Sarape
  • A large number of “traditional” hued cloth has been added for purchase on the Prevalia Market Vendor under the “Hued Cloth” category



You can view the hues on paperdoll and ingame here: Hue Megathread




  • Two new Aspects have been added: Artisan and Fortune
  • The Aspect Mastery gump has been overhauled to accommodate more Aspects being displayed



Artisan Aspect Weapon Special Effect

  • Fortify: Grants a damage bonus of (10% + (1% * Tier Level)) and a damage resistance bonus of (10% + (1% * Tier Level)) to all friendly players within a 12 tile radius for 120 seconds (may not stack multiple times)

Artisan Aspect Armor Bonuses

  • Crafting skill equipment bonuses (such as Blacksmithing skill increasing Weapon damage and AR or Tailoring’s damage reflect mechanic) are increased by (25% + (7.5% * Tier Level))
  • Using a Blacksmithing, Tailoring, or Carpentry Repair Kit on a player (including yourself) will provide that player a Melee Damage bonus of (5% + (1.5% * Tier Level)) for the next 20 minutes (bonus only applies while the player is within 25 tiles of the Artisan Armor wearer)
  • Increases the chance to create Exceptional equipment by (5% + (1.5% * Tier Level)) of normal (i.e 20% bonus to 50% normal chance = 60% exceptional chance)

Fortune Aspect Weapon Special Effect

  • Windfall: Inflicts (500 + (50 * Tier Level)) physical damage divided among creatures within a 6 tile radius and increases their gold loot by (10% + (1% * Tier Level)) (may not stack multiple times)



Fortune Aspect Armor Bonuses

  • Gold Loot Drops and Item Drops increased by (5% + (1.5% * Tier Level) of normal (will not stack with other players Fortune Aspect gear)
  • Wand and Tinker-Placed Trap Damage increased by (25% + (7.5% * Tier Level)
  • Player’s Effective Skill when performing any action involving Lockpicking, Resource and Treasure Maps, or Harvesting increased by (5 + (1 * Tier Level))

Aspect Tier Levels

  • Players may now achieve Tier Levels 11-12 for individual aspects (experience requirements and core/distillation amounts are greatly increased)

Weapon Accuracy

  • Aspect Weapons now increase a player’s Melee Accuracy against creatures by 3% per Tier Level (previously was 2%)

Shadow Aspect Armor

  • Shadow Aspect Armor now also increases a players Melee Accuracy when making Backstab attacks by (12.5% + (3.75% per Tier Level))

Avarite, Avarwood, and Avarhide


  • Three new crafting materials have been introduced, each a tier above Valorite, Valewood, and Valehide respectively
  • Players acquire these materials similarly to acquiring normal colored resources (standard harvesting and resource maps)
  • Minimum Crafting skill and Harvesting skill needed to harvest and build items using these materials is 110
  • Colored Tools and Crafting Items for Avarite, Avarwood, and Avarhide have been added to all crafting skills with skill bonuses following the normal linear increase for tier level
  • Weapon and Armor bonuses for Avarite, Avarwood, and Avarhide follow the normal linear bonus increases for tier levels of colored material


Magical Weapon Accuracy

  • Magical Weapon Accuracy bonuses against creatures have been increased to +5%, +10%, +15%, +20%, +25% (previously were 3/6/9/12/15)



  • Players will no longer be able to create a duel within 30 minutes of an Arena Tournament start
  • Players who finish an existing duel within 30 minutes of an Arena Tournament start will have their arena duel match listing removed (and cannot create another match until the tournament completes)
  • Players may no longer change or edit their Arena Template in between rounds of an active tournament


  • Players taking part in an arena match will no longer see spectators
  • Fixed an issue that was causing lag at the end of arena matches with large numbers of spectators
  • Players may no longer cast the Arch Cure and Arch Protection spell inside the arena unless actively participating in a match
  • Fixed a number of potential issues that were causing the arena to “bug out” on matches and freeze players

Poison Spells

  • The Poison Spell Uses arena setting has now been replaced with Poison Cast Upgrades
  • During an Order ruleset match, a player is only allowed to have their poison spells upgraded to Greater or Deadly Poison (via Magery + Poisoning skill) a maximum of 5 times during a match, and will remain at Regular poison once that limit has been reached
  • During a Chaos ruleset match, a player is allowed to have their poison spells to upgrade an unlimited number of times

Supplemental PvP Skills

  • Players will have all bonus effects from Camping, Taste ID, or Forensic Eval removed at the start of a match
  • Players who have Camping, Taste ID, Forensic Eval, Tracking, Inscription or any other “supplemental” skills will always be considered to have those skill’s bonuses and benefits active during an arena match, even if they haven’t activated them recently (PvP damage bonuses are still capped at 20% as normal, however)


  • Players who log in and are inside the a dueling pit, but aren’t currently in an active arena match, will be teleported out of the pit and into to the central arena area
  • Fixed an issue where players were triggering a Trapped Pouch just prior to a match start in order to take 1 damage and begin a bandage early
  • Players can no longer open tinker-trapped containers while in the arena
  • Fixed an issue where players without Reactive Armor in place were receiving notification of their “Reactive Armor spell expiration” after an arena match

Poison and Taste ID

  • Poisoning skill no longer reduces the chance for a target to cure poison (previously was a 25% cure chance reduction at GM Poisoning)
  • The Taste ID skill now reduces the chance for a target to cure poison by (50% * (Taste ID Skill / 100)) (Previously was a 25% cure chance reduction at GM Taste ID)
  • Both Poisoning skill and Taste ID skill no longer reduce the chance for their targets to resist a casted Poison spell


  • Players now receive region-based bonuses (such as the weekly server bonus or Guild Favor bonuses) and Alacrity bonuses to the gold amounts and loot drop chances for Dungeon Chests and Treasure Maps Chests (if region applies)
  • Dungeon and Treasure Map chests should now be correctly creating arrows / reagents / scrolls / bandages on occasion (random chance)

Chill / Slow Effects
The Chill effect used by creatures such as Snowdrifts, Rime Guars, Arctic Bullvores, and a large number of Cavernam creatures now acts as follows:

Against Creatures: Deals (Damage Max * .75) damage and for next 15 seconds reduces melee and casting speeds by 5% (stackable up to 75% speed reduction)
Against Players: Deals (Damage Max * .75) damage and for next 15 seconds has a 5% chance to nullify player passive Hits, Stam, Mana regeneration when they occur (stackable up to 75% nullify chance)

Faction Schedules

  • Fixed an issue that was causing Faction Schedules to stack up and trigger in sequence one after another

Repair Kits and Repair Benches

  • Repair Kits no longer check for player skill when double-clicked, only when targeting (i.e. allows a player with less than 95 crafting skill to add it to a Repair Bench)
  • Adding a Repair Kit to a Repair Bench now only provides 10 charges to it (previously was 25)


  • Removed the Captcha for skinning corpses while in Dungeons
  • Players may now close the Captcha without refreshing it

Crafting / Harvesting Tools

  • Fixed several items that were not correctly receiving bonuses to player skill for being Mastercrafted
  • Fixed an issue where some items being removed from Storage Shelves would cause them to lose their Mastercrafted designation

Taunt Mechanic

  • Players no longer need 80 Parrying skill or higher to perform the Taunt mechanic (it still requires a Parry skill check to perform, however)

Stealing and Snooping

  • Players may now make stealing attempts again while in Moongate Guardzone regions
  • Stealing an item will now be considered “using” an item, and therefore will have the standard 500ms delay before another item can be used or moved afterwards
  • Players will no longer be Perma-Flagged for stealing against a player who attacked them first
  • Players who snoop and trigger a Trapped Pouch on another player will now activate a 2 minute temporary grey flagging against that player (can be freely attacked by them in that time period)

Criminal Actions

  • Players should now be notified (via system message) whenever they go criminal from an action

Societies Jobs

  • Updated the difficulty value tracking for a number of creatures (determines how many need to be killed / tamed for jobs)
  • Removed all non-hostile and non-paragon potential creatures from Society Jobs creature lists


  • The Meat Shank plate now correctly requires 100 Cooking skill to craft
  • Cooked Fish Fillets, Cooked Fish Steaks, Fish Steak Baskets should now have their proper “Satisfaction” level triggered when eaten


  • All NPC Daemons (non-summoned) now have a special attack related to it’s theme
  • An overhaul of monster difficulty for dungeon levels 2+ has been started (goal is to increase difficulty of level 2 and beyond in dungeons)
  • Fixed several creatures usage of Enrage, Frenzy, and other duration-based buff abilities to not activate unless currently expired

Tamed Creatures

  • Transferred pets will ignore expired “Aggression” entries
  • Smoke Drake and Smoke Dragon have their PvP Damage Scalar reduced to 35% (previously was 50%)


  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes flag as criminal for looting a corpse that appeared as grey to them
  • Corpses are now increased by 1 Z-level when created, in order to potentially fix some issues with players unable to see them for looting purposes

Banks and Queued Items

  • When players open their bank, they will now see text showing how many items vs total bank capacity they have (i.e. “Items: 100/125”) and total weight of their items (i.e. “Total Weight: 1000”)
  • For a number of gameplay mechanics we will be utilizing a new Bank Item Queuing system, where items that were intended to be dropped into a player’s bank but unable to fit (due to limited space) will now be “Queued” for that player’s bank
  • When a player opens their bank, if they have any “Queued” bank items waiting, it will place them into the bank if space exists
  • When players have Queued items added to their bank, they will receive a notification of how many were added and how many remain in their bank queue that could not be placed

Event Handling

  • Players will now have Stamina-Free movement in most event areas (such as for our upcoming Cavernam Expedition)


  • The “End Date” for previous Events should now display properly

Treasure Map Chests

  • Players double-clicking a Treasure Map chest out of their range that they did not dig up themselves, will not flag as criminal (must be within access range to flag as criminal now)


  • All Tomes (such as Fishing Map Tome, Treasure Map Tome, etc) require a line-of-sight in order to use them

Ship Cannons

  • Ship Cannons now require a valid line-of-sight when targeting players not onboard ships

Explosive Potions

  • Explosive Potion area-of-effect now may only hit things within line-of-sight of the detonation location

Vendor Purchases

  • Fixed an issue where NPC Vendor purchases would sometimes be voided due to “not having enough control slots” upon purchase (such as for horses / pack animals)


  • Fishing now requires a valid line-of-sight to the target location

Guild Membership

  • Fixed a crash issue caused when the last player in a guild leaves

Prevalia Merchant Items

  • A large number of new items have been added to the Prevalia Merchant under the “Furniture” category, including a number of gold-only purchasable luxury bathroom items







Artisan Furniture

  • Variety of new high-end furniture items have been added to Carpentry (such as Shelves, Counters, and new tables)



Map Updates

  • Demon Temple
  • Jungle Pyramid
  • The Golden Ingot, Outlands Casino



Snooping / Stealing


  • Snooping should now be allowed again near moongates
  • Players attempting to snoop a trapped pouch that is empty (no items inside) will be prevented from doing so but will not be flagged grey to the target player

Trapped Pouches

  • Trapped Pouches no longer cause 1 damage to their owner, but will still break Paralyze
  • Fixed an issue with the [Pouch command that was causing untrapped pouches to sometimes be clicked


  • Fixed several issues with players looting blue corpses and not flagging as criminal

Smart Harvest

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the usage of Smart Harvesting

Magic Reflect Spell

  • The cooldown usage for Magic Reflect spell (30 seconds) now begins when the reflection occurs (rather than cast)

Autologging Creatures

  • When players log out, any tamed creatures they currently control will “log” out with them and return when they log back in (they won’t go wild while “logged out”)

Tamed Creatures

  • The threshold for tamed creatures to receive benefits from “Robust” Traits has been lowered from 75% to 50% (i.e. creatures at50% or above health qualify)
  • The threshold for tamed creatures to receive benefits from “Frenzied” Traits has been lowered from 75% to 90% (i.e. creatures at 90% or lower health qualify)
  • Existing Rime Guars have had their hue changed to match the new Cavernam hue
  • Snow Drifts have had their Wrestling increased to 75 (from 70)

Treasure Map Chests

  • Added a “Monsters” context menu entry to Treasure Map Chests
  • Once 5 minutes have passed after a Treasure Map Chests has been dug up, the owner of a Treasure Map Chest may click the “Monsters” context menu entry to force any existing chest guardian creatures to return near the chest (intended to fix “bad spawn” locations)
  • Players may use the “Monsters” mechanic up to 3 times per chest

Arena Tournaments

  • Fixed an issue where Arena Tournaments starting would be announced twice in a row immediately
  • Added an additional announcement for impending Arena Tournaments 15 minutes prior to start

Faction Flashpoints

  • Faction Flashpoints when they begin will now kill any nearby creature spawns (within 24 tiles of location) and prevent spawns near the region during the event

Faction Flashpoints now feature similar notoriety flagging to Faction Struggles with the following exceptions:

  • Murderers do not receive any special flagging changes for participation
  • Freedom Faction guild members now flag as green to each other while participating

Outlands Collectable Cards

  • Fixed the date on the First Tournament card
  • Fixed the image and text alignment on the Cavernam Expedition Staging card


  • Fixed an issue where players using Herding at 100+ skill could sometimes fail their skill check