PATCH: January 7/8

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  • Reintroduced the Faction Engagement setting of “Faction Events Only” that is changable for players in the Guilds – > Factions page
  • Players who set their Faction Engagement setting to “Faction Events Only” will only flag as orange while they are participating in a Faction Struggle (via starting in a Faction Base at the beginning of the event) or if they enter the area of an ongoing Faction Flashpoint

Faction Struggles

  • Players may no longer cast Meteor Swarm, Chain Lightning, or Earthquake during Faction Struggles

Faction Flashpoints


  • A Faction Flashpoint is a 15 minute Faction event where players will fight over a capture location that will spawn in dungeons (and potentially in the future in the wilderness)
  • 2 Faction Flashpoints will occur after every Faction Struggle ends, occurring at a random time somewhere 30-60 minutes as well as 120-150 minutes after the end of the struggle
  • Faction Flashpoints feature a single capture zone, with borders indicated by flashing lights and the traditional Faction Flag and Tile setup that depict which Faction currently controls the capture zone (if any)
  • Unlike Faction Struggles, Faction Flashpoints feature no unique mechanics for respawning, murderer penalty exemptions, nor protections against player corpse looting (and largely function as traditional “field” pvp)
  • Players will also not automatically flag as green to other members of their own faction while near Faction Flashpoints and the Freedom Faction becomes capable of controlling the capture zone (different guilds in the Freedom Faction will still flag as orange to each other as normal)
  • Control of the capture zone functions similarly to Faction Struggles, with a faction gaining or increasing control of the capture zone if it only contains members of their own faction inside
  • The rate at which a faction gains control of a capture zone is dramatically reduced compared to Faction Struggles, however
  • After 15 minutes have passed, the winning faction is the faction that currently controlling the capture zone (and whose faction flag is currently being displayed)
  • Scoring for players and guilds is tracked and recorded similarly to Faction Struggles, but this largely occurs behind the scenes (i.e there are no gumps / hotbars currently displayed for Faction Flashpoints)

Faction Reward Points for participation are as follows:

Top Player Score in the Winning Faction: 3 Reward Points
Top 50% in Score in the Winning Faction: 2 Reward Points
Player in the Winning Faction: 1 Reward Points

Top Player Score in the Losing Faction: 2 Reward Points
Top 50% in Score in the Losing Faction: 1 Reward Points
Player in the Losing Faction: 0 Reward Points

Top Guild in the Winning Faction: 2 Prestige Points
Guild in the Winning Faction: 1 Prestige Points

Top Guild in the Losing Faction: 1 Prestige Points
Guild in the Losing Faction: 0 Prestige Points

Shrine Corruptions

  • Players will no longer earn Skill Mastery scrolls for participation in Shrine Corruptions
  • Shrine Corruptions will still feature 20 waves of creatures, however each individual wave of a Shrine Corruption is now worth a predetermined number of Ankh Tokens that players can “bank”
  • Wave Ankh Token amounts range from 2.5 to 7.5 (increasing with wave difficulty), and 100 Ankh Tokens are available from all waves combined
  • The Shrine Boss individually will be worth 50 Ankh Tokens (making 150 Ankh Tokens possible for each Shrine Corruption)
  • Players will “bank” Ankh Tokens in decimal amounts based on their damage contribution towards each wave or the boss, and after a wave resolves, players will be notified how many Ankh Tokens they earned from it and what their cumulative total is
  • After the Shrine Boss is slain, banked Ankh Tokens for players will be distributed as normal with decimal amounts rounded
  • Players can double-click the corpse of the Shrine Boss to place all their bound Ankh Tokens on the corpse into their backpack (resolves the issue of players having Ankh Tokens “hidden” underneath another player’s on the corpse and unable to access them)
  • Fixed an issue with Shrine Boss sometimes spawning minions sporadically or in large numbers
  • Ankh Tokens now weigh .1 stones each (previously was 1 stone each)

Treasure Map Chests



  • Players will no longer be able to lockpick, snoop, or demolish a Treasure Map Chest until all creature spawns are killed
  • Players may also not demolish a Treasure Map Chest until it has been unlocked
  • Treasure Map Chests will now only have a single wave of spawns, and this spawn will now occur 3-5 seconds after digging up the chest
  • When a player completes a Treasure Map Chest and demolishes the chest through the context menu on the chest, they now have a (Map Level x 1%) chance to receive a special Treasure Map Chest container as a loot item (this is to encourage players to “clean” up their chests after completion)

Loot Drops

  • Loot Drops for special and rare items have been reduced somewhat

Achievement Rewards

  • Achievement Reward Point costs for purchasing Epic Skill Mastery Scrolls, Skill Mastery Orbs, and Mastercrafting Diagrams have increased to 50 (previously was 25)


  • Fixed several issues that were making high levels of poison (especially ones “boosted” by Taste ID skill) much easier to cure than intended, including how “progressive” curing bonuses were stacking
  • Players playing Taste ID poisoners should now be much more effective in PvP


  • Players who are at 5 murder counts but 0 Long Term Murder Counts (meaning they have Repented and not committed another murder since then) will no longer have their Account-Wide Aggression Restriction reset when resurrecting again

Reporting Murderers

  • Players will no longer be able to give another player murderer counts if they have not yet resolved any previous existing Murder Report Decisions towards the same player (i.e. can’t stack Murder Report gumps for the same player)

Notoriety and Guard Handling

  • Players attacking a blue-flagged tamed creature in town will now be subjected to being instantly “guard-whacked” similar to attacking another player
  • Fixed an issue where players continuing to make aggressive actions towards a blue-flagged player in town sometimes wouldn’t result in generating a “guard-whack” situation

Tamed Creature PvP Damage Scalars

  • Corpse Purger’s PvP Damage Scalar has increased to 35% (previously was 30%)
  • Snow Drift’s PvP Damage Scalar has reduced to 40% (previously was 50%)
  • Husk Crab’s PvP Damage Scalar has reduced to 45% (previously was 50%)

Creature Abilities

  • Added a Z-value check to most creature abilities to prevent creatures from attacking players in normally inaccessible places
  • Fixed an issue with Skulkers where they wouldn’t follow a player into Stealth when the player hides

Moongates and Teleporters

  • Players may no longer cast movement-blocking spells such as Wall of Stone or Energy Field within 5 tiles of a Moongate or Teleporter (including Dungeon level entrances)

Skill Checks

  • Fixed several issues where players at 100 or higher skill (but with increased skill caps due to Skill Mastery Scrolls) would sometimes fail skill checks

Plant Bowls



  • Fixed a number of issues where players were receiving client crashes when trying to access a “Ready to Harvest” plant bowl (players should now be able to harvest those plants)

Blank Scrolls

  • Scribes NPCs now carry 999 Blank Scrolls (previously was 500)

Shepherd Crooks

  • Shepherd Crooks are now treated as fully functional macing weapons similar to Quarterstaves (same stats)
  • Magical Shepherd Crooks will now occur as magical loot items

New Player Dungeon

  • Players should no longer be able to attack other players pets in the New Player Dungeon / Shelter Island (and therefore flag grey there)
  • Players will no longer be able to earn Aspect Experience in the New Player Dungeon or Shelter Island
  • Players will no longer be able to earn Creature Experience on tamed creatures at level 1 or higher in the New Player Dungeon or Shelter Island

Carpentry Weapons

  • Fixed an issue where Carpentry-made weapons (Staves/Bows/etc) were not receiving their full Durability bonus for colored meaterials
  • Existing Carpentry Weapons should now be receiving their correct durability amounts
  • Existing Aspect Carpentry weapons will receive a 50 Durability bonus to account for this change

Damage Entry Durations
Damage Entries on creatures, which when they expire will normally “wipe” the player’s damage progress towards the creature (which is used to determine looting rights, Aspect XP, Achievements or Society progress), have had their expiration durations extended as follows:

Mini-Bosses: 20 Minutes (previously was 15)
Bosses: 40 Minutes (previously was 20)
Shrine Bosses: 60 Minutes (previously was 25)
Event Bosses: 120 Minutes (previously was 30)


  • Fixed an issue where Ship Crewmembers Deeds were dropping very, very infrequently at high rank levels
  • Adjusted Ship loot rates to slightly reduce Ship Crewmember Deed drops and slightly increase Ship Upgrade drops
  • Adjusted Ship loot rates to slightly increase Lesser and Regular Ship Ability Deed drop rates
  • Fixed an issue with players determining distance between ships
  • Fixed an issue where one of the ship decorations was a LOS-blocking door item


  • Added a safety check to ensure players always have backpacks


  • Fixed an issue with switching back and between previous events in the [EventScore gump window


  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause houses to be placed with an unrealistic Z level
  • Fix for House Regions to allow for skillgain bonuses active in the Wilderness
  • Fix for a crash relating to the Home Surveying tool

Remove Trap Scroll

  • Fix for naming of Remove Trap scroll in Inscription menu

Planters Spade

  • Can now be made as Exceptional

Runebooks / Rune Tomes

  • Players can now drop runes into Runebooks and Runetomes that are locked down if they are owners / co-owners of the house
  • Players no longer require the Recall spell in their spellbook in order to cast Recall from Rune Tomes


  • Fix for several issues relating to line-of-sight when carving and looting corpses


  • Fixed an issue where players transitioning between regions would sometimes rubberband

Explosion Potions

  • Fixed several LOS issues with throwing Explosion Potions


  • Fixed several crash issues related to Doppelganger mechanics

Decorated Christmas Trees

  • Increased the Z value on decorations for trees by 1

Snooping and Stealing

  • Players snooping the main backpack of another player triggers a 2 second Snooping skill cooldown (snooping any other container on a player has a 1 second cooldown)

Player Customizations

  • Players now must click twice in order to confirm their purchase of Enhancements in the Customization page
  • Fixed the hue display for Spell Hue icons in the Player Customizations Spell Hues page for most spells
  • We will be looking into a number of spell hues that currently don’t display in game correctly and adjusting them shortly

Spell Hue Deeds

  • Fixed an issue where single-clicking a Spell Hue Deed would display “random random” in the title

Precursor Operator

  • Fixed an issue that was causing their grenade attack to deal extreme amounts of damage


  • Fixed an issue where furniture being recycled wouldn’t return the proper colored board types
  • Players should now be able to recycle Tinkering-made tools with colored materials (lockpicks, shovels, pickaxes, etc) and receive the correct colored material types

Orc Helms

  • Players can now craft Orc Helms that are ringmail-level armor via Blacksmithing (note: players may still also acquire Orc Helms (Masks) through the Prevalia Merchant that are treated as blessed Leather Caps)

Polymorph Spell

  • Players can no longer transform into Wildwood Guardians through the Polymorph spell

Skill Mastery Scrolls / Skill Mastery Orbs

  • Players may no longer use Skill Mastery Scrolls or Skill Mastery Orbs while having recently been in combat

Account Passwords

  • Players resetting their account passwords now have a 16 character limit on their new passwords