PATCH: June 8 – Introducing the Outlands Lottery!

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Outlands Lottery
  • Outlands will now have a Monthly Lottery that players can purchase tickets from
Players can purchase Lottery Tickets or view past Lottery results by visiting Gwenyth the Lottery Official at the entrance of the Prevalia Casino and doing any of the following:
  • Double-Clicking Gwenyth
  • Shift-Clicking and selecting “Buy” from Gwenyth’s Context Menu
  • Saying “Ticket” or “Raffle” or “Lottery” or “Vendor” out loud near Gwenyth
  • Players can purchase Lottery Tickets by clicking the “Purchase Ticket” button on the Lottery page
  • Lottery Tickets cost 1,000 gold each and must remain in the player’s bank box to be valid for a lottery (if they are not in a player’s bank box at the time of the drawing, the player will have to wait for the next month’s lottery for those tickets)
  • Players will receive a text warning if they remove Lottery tickets from a bank box
  • Players can view past Lottery Results by clicking the Left/Right arrows at the bottom of the Lottery page and navigating to the desired “Lottery End Date” of the drawing they are looking for
  • Lottery Drawings will occur at the start of a new month around the same time as Society Jobs are reset and winners will be announced to all players
  • If a player receives a Winning Lottery Ticket, it will be deposited in their bank box
  • Players can double-click a Winning Lottery Ticket to claim it (either in their backpack or bank box) and receive their reward, which will be deposited into their bank box (using the “Bank Queuing” mechanic if they dont have room for any more items)
  • Monthly Lotteries by default will have 1 Winning Player who will receive 50% of the total gold spent on tickets for that month
However, in lieu of our Casino Jackpot reaching a massive sum, the first month of our lottery will feature a special lottery with multiple winners as follows: 1 Player: 5,000,000 Gold each 10 Players: 1,000,000 Gold each 20 Players: 100,000 Gold each 100 Players: 10,000 Gold each Players may potentially win multiple rewards from the first month’s lottery (i.e. each ticket has a chance to win)
Distribution Chests
  • Distribution Chest have been renabled
  • Fixed an issue where Secured or Locked Distribution Chests were distributing items but not releasing items that were being distributed (i.e. they would stay locked down in players backpacks / banks and would not be movable)
  • Players can now close the Distribution Chest gump window and reopen it and not lose their players list
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t navigate to additional player pages in the players list
  • The “Single” button has been renamed “Solo”
  • The “All On Screen” button has been renamed “Nearby”
  • Added a “Boss” button which will allow a player who has the [BossResults window open to add all friendly players (party members / guild members) from their currently displayed Boss Event into their Distribution Chest player’s list
Tournament Schedule
  • Fixed tournament schedule (should now display correct day of Saturday)
Region Bonuses
  • Experience Gain (Aspect XP, Mastery Chain XP, Pet XP gain rates) will now to be a Region Bonus every week and is now active on the server this week
House Gating
  • Removed the Friend/Co-Owner/Owner requirement to gate into a house location
  • Custodians will not respawn at a boss location until 15 minutes after the boss has been killed
Explosion Potions
  • If players throw an Explosion Potion at a creature that has Telekinesis currently cast on it (i.e. the Sticky Explosion Potion mechanic), the explosion will only damage nearby NPCs and never hit nearby players or tamed/summoned creatures
Map Location Audit
  • Conducted an audit of all Treasure Map, Fishing Map, Lumber Map, Ore Map, and Skinning Map and removed a number of locations that are now occupied by houses as well as Fishing Maps in areas such as the Daemon Keep region
Hinder / Entangle
  • Hinder and Entangle will no longer provide flat damage bonuses if already on place on a creature and becoming “stacked”
  • Players who inflict a Hinder effect on a creature (using the Archery Weapon Special) who is already currently Hindered or Entangled will increase their damage against the creature by an additional 50% (bringing the total Weapon Special Damage bonus to +100%)
  • Players will no longer be able to gain Animal Taming skill while currently within a house
Tamed Creature Releasing
  • Tamed Creatures that are released by their owner will now automatically be Pacified (i.e. Peacemaking) for 1 hour until they are auto-deleted
  • Tamed Creatures will no longer be auto-deleted if released in town; will now simply be Pacified and autodeleted if untamed for 1 hour
  • If a player tames a creature, it will remove any existing Peacemaking / Discordance/ Provocation effect on it (and remove the auto-deletion countdown)
  • Players cannot select “Repent” from the Murderer Penalty gump if they have killed players in the last 24 hours players who have not yet made a decision on giving them a murder count or not
Outlands Collectable Cards
  • Fixed card graphics for Cavernam Dungeon, Cavernam Mini-Boss, Cavernam Boss
Stats and Donation Commands
  • Players can now type [Stats to see their Player Stats Profile
  • Players can now type [Donations to launch the donation page
Creature Abilities
  • Bloodworms and Blood Coursers will not attempt to use their Blood Healing ability unless they have lost at least 10% health
Shimmer Lunar Backpack
  • Fixed a spelling typo in the Prevalia Marketplace for Shimmer Lunar Backpacks (was missing the word “Lunar”)
Timer Ticks
  • Reverted a code change that may have been causing some instability / unintended randomness in the processing time of certain mechanics (i.e. Timer Ticks)