PATCH: March 5

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Aspect Gear

  • Fixed an issue with Aspect Gear Activations not resetting after 24 hours
  • Added several additional checks to prevent Aspect Gear from losing their aspect when disarmed/unarmed or moved into nested containers in a player’s backpack
  • Aspect Gear should now correctly lose their Aspect when placed in a player’s bank box

Faction Struggles

  • Players may at most earn 5 minutes worth of points from controlling a Capture Zone before they must move to another Capture Zone to continue earning Control Points again


  • Added several safety checks to handle players changing fealty when no other players in the guild have been marked as potential guildmaster candidates
  • If somehow no players have “votes” for guildmaster in a guild, Guildmaster will default to be assigned to the highest ranking guild member who has been in the guild the longest

Disguise Kits

  • Mastercrafted Disguise Kits should now correctly allow players to change their name

Skinning Map Tome

  • Dullhide Skinning Maps should now work correctly with Skinning Map Tomes

Mining / Shovels

  • Achievements for Mining should now consider colored ores
  • Players will no longer produce any Plant Soil when mining in a house or on a ship

Prevalia Market Merchant

  • Fixed the color of Arcane Rune Tome and Aspect Item Tomes in the Prevalia Market gump


  • The Taunt Shield mechanic should now work while at sea