PATCH: November 23, 2018

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Thanksgiving Forest Ostard Hue

A limited edition Thanksgiving-hued Forest Ostard will be spawning in the wild this weekend


Thanksgiving Event

  • A special Thanksgiving event that will be lasting the weekend will be activated shortly!


Event Scores

  • We have implemented a new Event system that tracks player progress during events as well as tracks a Lifetime Event Score for players
  • Each individual event will have their own specific scoring and ranking system unique to the event (such as ranking players based on Largest Fish Caught for a fishing event)
  • Players will also earn points towards their Lifetime Event Score based on how they perform at an individual event relative to other players (by ranking)
  • Events will be classified as either Major or Minor events, and have a maximum possible Lifetime Event Score of 1000 points or 500 respectively earnable by players
  • For instance, a player who ranks 1st out of 100 players at a Major Event will boost their Lifetime Event Score by 1000 Points, whereas a player who ranks 25th out of 100 players will earn 750 Lifetime Points (75% * 1000 = 750 points)
  • Players can type [eventscore to see how they and other players are doing score/rankingwise for events and see their estimated Lifetime Event Score Points they’ll earn (based on their current rank)
  • Players can also navigate and view past events from the Event Score gump window
  • Players can view their Lifetime Event Score on the Server Rankings page (Paperdoll -> Help -> Server Ranking) or [serverrank

Boss Rares

  • Bosses now have a large collection of new decorative rare drops
  • Bosses now have an interactive item that can drop at super low chances

Mini-Boss Rares

  • Mini-Bosses now have a large collection of new decorative rare drops
  • Mini-Bosses now have an interactive item that can drop at super low chances

Outlands Collectable Cards

  • Implemented a large number of new Outlands Collectable Cards that will slowly start filtering into the game world via rare loot drops and specific systems

Aspect Spell Hue Deeds

  • Renamed Aspect Spell Hue Deeds to better describe the items (previously were called “Aspect Hue Deeds”

Bank Withdraw 

  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to withdraw gold in “0” amounts (would create a single gold piece item that was worth 0 value, and not spendable)

Begging Skill

  • Begging Skill gain has been dramatically increased, and players will no longer be able to gain skill on NPCs that are out of funds

Camping Skill

  • Camping Skill gain has been increased moderately

Player Death Aggression Flagging

  • Fixed several issues where players would stay grey to other players after death when they should have returned to blue status

Poison Damage Flagging

  • Poison Damage against a player / controlled creature will now only flag the player as an aggressive action the moment it is applied and not on every tick (to prevent players from being poisoned outside of town and then running into town and being ‘reattacked’ by the poisoner now in the guard zone)

Help Stuck

  • Players must now double-click the Help Stuck button to confirm their desire to use the Help Stuck feature
  • Murderers who use the Help Stuck feature while in a restricted area (that would normally kill them) will not be subject to Resurrection Penalties if they use the Help Stuck feature while still alive
  • Added a notification in the Help Stuck explanation for Murderers of this mechanic

Storage Shelves

  • Poisoned weapons can no longer be added to storage shelves
  • Removed the mechanic that required players to be Owners or Co-Owners to restock a storage shelf (now it is dictated by the Secure Level set)

Disguise Kits

  • Fixed an issue with Mastercrafted Disguise Kits where changing one’s gender would set the player as grey (was treating the player as being Polymorphed due to the bodyvalue switch)

Released / Abandoned Tamed Creatures in Town

  • Normally when a tamed creature is released or abandoned in town, it is immediately deleted (to prevent players from releasing “aggressive” creature that could attack players and poison/bleed them before guards come)
  • When tamed creatures are now abandoned or released in town, it will first be killed and then immediately deleted (this will now generate a creature corpse, instead of the creature just vanishing)

Stealing Notices

  • Fixed an issue with the chances of players being noticed while stealing in town not calculating correctly (the notice chances by NPCs and Players were swapped)

Town Criers

  • Town Criers will now make announcements every 60 seconds (previously was every 15 seconds)

Active Skillgain 

  • Snooping / Stealing / Lockpicking / Remove Trap skills now correctly benefit from Active Skill Gain bonuses (on top of any special bonuses for Dungeon Chest skil gain)

Corpse Looting Rights and Shelter Island

  • Rebuilt the notoriety system for corpse handling, which should resolve several issues players would have with being unable to loot corpses of players that had since entered Shelter Island, Faction Bases, or the Arena

Strength / Agility Potions

  • Fixed an issue where Strength and Agility Potion cooldowns were overlapping

Armor Durability

  • Overhauled the handling on how armor (and shields) take durability damage
  • Previously when a player was hit by an melee attack, a single randomized piece of armor would get hit (with Chest piece being 35% chance, Gorget being 8% chance, etc) and only that piece would lose durability potentially
  • Now when a player takes melee damage, they have a low chance (still adjusted by Arms Lore) to have all equipped armor and shields to take durability damage (so durability drops uniformly amongst a player’s equipped armor)

Context Menu Skill Cooldowns

  • Fixed an issue where Animal Taming, Animal Lore, Arms Lore, and Poisoning did not correctly use skill cooldown timers when activated through Contet Menus

Action Filtering

  • Due to the overwhelmingly positive impact of our earlier patch for performance improvements, we’ve removed the majority of Activity Filters that were in place (such as for Lifting / Dropping / Skill Use / etc)

Tailoring Aspect Mould

  • Tailoring Aspect Moulds now take 1 Mastercrafting Diagram similar to all other Aspect Moulds

Detect Hidden

  • Fixed an issue where players using Detect Hidden while in their own house would reveal players in neighboring houses

Shrine Corruption Damage Tracking

  • Shrine Bosses now have a significantly larger health pool than before
  • Damage players deal during Shrine Corruptions are now split into two values: Wave Damage and Boss Damage
  • Players must now deal at least 10,000 damage to monsters during Waves in a Shrine Corruption as well as at least 2,500 damage to the Shrine Boss itself to qualify for a Skill Mastery Scroll
  • Otyughs that spawn during Shrine Corrupts have had their ability damage drastically reduced

Boss Creature Health

  • Due to RunUO limitations, creatures previously had a maximum health of 65,000
  • For balancing purposes, we previously had a “Damage Resistance” mechanic in place that scaled damage for mini-bosses, shrine bosses, bosses in order to allow us to effectively go higher than that 65,000 health amount, but by only scaling players damage downward
  • We’ve removed this limitation and Damage Resistance mechanic and can now feature creatures (namely bosses) with up to 999,999 health

The following types of creature’s have had their maximum health adjusted as follows:

Mini-Boss: 50,000 Health
Boss: 100,000 Health
Shrine Boss: 150,000 Health

Taste ID

  • Fixed an issue where players using the Taste ID Herbal Poultice mechanic wasn’t giving friendly players bonuses

Faction Engagement Level

  • New players will now have their Faction Engagement Level (determines when they flag as Orange to opposing guild factions) set to default at “Never” when joining their first guild

Animal Taming

  • Whenever a creature that is being tamed takes damage, it will now break the taming attempt and the player will see a “That creature has recently taken damage and is too angry to continue taming” overhead message

Food Stacking

  • Ribs Baskets, Fish Steak Baskets, Drumstick Baskets should all stack correctly now

Faction Struggles

  • We will very soon be reintroducing Faction Struggles with a number of adjustments to account for the overwhelming (and unexpected) number of participants we’ve had to the system

Faction Struggle Locations

  • The majority of the previous Faction Struggle locations functioned well for 10vs10 or even 20vs20 sized fights, however would become way too crowded for 30vs30 or 40vs40 fights
  • As such, we’ve begun overhauling our locations with an emphasis on creating large capture zone regions and avoiding bottleneck passways / transitions
  • We’ll try to have a rotation of least 20 Faction Struggle locations that are workable with large populations (8 are currently built)

Faction Balancing and Population

  • Announcements for Faction Struggles and Faction Moongate will now begin 60 minutes prior to the start of the event, and will still have several notifications at various intervals to remind players
  • In order for a player to participate in a Faction Struggle, a player will have to be inside their Faction’s Base (accessible via the Green Faction Moongates in each town) at the start of the Faction Struggle
  • The Freedom Faction will now have their own Faction Base for players in that faction to gather at
  • Once the Faction Struggle begins, populations for each Faction (Order and Chaos) will be calculated, and guilds aligned to the Freedom Faction will be assigned to either Order or Chaos to create the closest balance possible for player totals