PATCH: September 7 – Poker is live!

The long awaited Poker system has been added to the live shard! Read about the amazing system below:




  • Poker is now available at the Prevalia Casino
  • Players can double-click Carlo the Dealer or say “Dealer” “Casino” “Poker” or “Card” out loud near him to launch the Casino Games gump
  • Currently Prevalia No-Limit Hold-Em Poker is the only game available but Liars Dice will be added soon

Creating or Joining a Game

  • Players can click the Create Game button at the bottom left of the menu to create a new poker game
  • Players can change settings for the match by clicking the small arrows underneath each setting
  • Listing Mode determines which players are able to view your game in the Available Games list
  • Table Mode determines whether players can join your game in progress if a player leaves or is eliminated (Open allows new players and Closed restricts players)
  • Blind Mode determines whether the Small and Large Blinds increase when players are eliminated or leave the table (Fixed Blinds do not change andProgressive Blinds increase as the table player count decreases)
  • Players must have Closed Table Mode in order to select Progressive Blinds
  • Clicking the Create Game button will create the match and allow players to begin joining


  • Small Blinds for games are 1% of the total Buy In and Large Blinds are 2% of the total Buy In for the game
  • If Progressive Blinds have been selected, Small Blinds will increase by a further 1% and Large Blinds by a further 2% for each player that leaves or is eliminated from the game


  • Players can join matches listed by clicking the Join button next to them


  • Once a player has joined a match, they must click the “Ready” button under Current Game before the match may start
  • Players who have clicked Ready will have their name displayed in Green text (and their statue icon will also appear as green)


  • Once the match has the required number of players present, and all players have clicked “Ready”, a timer will check every 15 seconds to make sure a player is a “Valid” poker player
  • Players must be inside the Casino itself to be considered a valid poker player
  • Players must have enough gold in their bank box to pay the Buy In amount to be considered a valid poker player
  • Players must be alive to be considered a valid poker player
  • If all players are considered valid, the match will start and the Buy In amount will be withdrawn from each player’s bank box


Starting Play

  • The player who is deemed the Dealer during a round has a small cards icon placed next to their chips, and each player who is the Small or Large Blind will have text added to their displayed name; i.e “Luthius (large blind)”
  • Each round begins with Hole Cards being dealt to players and a Small Blind and Large Blind being automatically paid by players
  • All actions that occur during Poker matches are also sent as system messages to players with the text preface of “[Poker]”


  • When it is your turn to act during a round, a bell will sound and the bottom area of the gameplay window will display up/down arrows with chips, as well as a Check/Call/Raise button and a Fold button


  • Each time it is your turn to act, the game will automatically set your starting bet to be enough to Call the current bet
  • Players may click the Up or Down arrows next to each chip type to change their bet
  • Clicking the Blue button will place the bet (and its text will change whether the bet becomes a Check / Call / Raise)
  • Clicking Fold will immediately forfeit the hand


  • Players may message the entire table by clicking the Message Players button


  • Clicking the Leave Game button will queue the player to leave the game as soon as the current round is completed


Timing Out

  • If it is a players turn to act, they have 60 seconds to place their bet
  • When a player has 10 seconds left to place their bet, they will hear an audio cue and receive a warning message
  • If 60 seconds pass without the player placing their bet, they will automatically fold the hand and be charged “1 Timeout”
  • If a player has 5 Timeouts during a Poker Match, they will automatically be removed from the game (as if they had chosen to Leave Game)
  • If a Server Reboot occurs while a match is underway, for the next 10 minutes after the server comes up players will have unlimited amounts of time to place their bets (i.e. wont automatically fold after 60 seconds)

Round and Match Completion

  • When a round completes, all cards relevant to the current winning hand will be highlighted in Green
  • When a player leaves the game or the match completes, if a player has more gold than their Buy In, 10% of their winnings (amount above the Buy In) will betaken as part of the house’s cut, known as the Rake