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PATCH: April 21

24 Hour Egg Hunt The 24 Hour Egg Hunt Event will be occurring on Sunday Players will be able to buy limited edition Easter Plants from the Prevalia Market Merchant for gold Event Details listed on the following forum page http://forums.uooutlands.com/index….nt-begins-sunday-april-21st-at-12pm-est.2065/Greater Heal Spell Healing amounts for the Greater Heal spell have been increased to 40-50 […]

EVENT: 24 Hour Egg Hunt Begins Sunday, April 21st at 12pm EST

Find Hidden Eggs Throughout the World to Earn Event Points! The Unseen Bunnies of the Outlands will surface for one day only an unload their prized eggs throughout the world beginning on Sunday, April 21st at 12pm EST. Eggs are hidden until a player walks nearby (visual and audio cue on discovery) Eggs will spawn […]

PATCH: April 6 (Farewell to Birds!)

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PATCH: April 1

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ClassicUO Client

The ClassicUO alpha client has been added to our launcher! Our rules have been updated to reflect it’s viability on Outlands.

EVENT: 1v1 Arena Tournament This Weekend!

Hear ye! Hear ye!   On┬áSaturday, March 23rd at 11pm EST┬áthe Second Official 1v1 Arena Tournament of the Outlands will take place!