Our news

Website Migration

Our website, wiki and forums have migrated to a new dedicated webserver. We are surpassing 50,000 visits per hour (wow!) so the upgrade was necessary as we kept taxing our resources with our previous hosts.  

Outlands Surpasses 1700 Online Players

Outlands is officially 2 weeks old, and population numbers continue to soar!  This evening we hit 1718 clients online.  Thank you for joining us, and see you ingame!

Terms of Use Update

Two of our rules have been updated.  Please familiarize yourself with them:    

PATCH: November 11, 2018

Please click the title to review the patch notes.  

PATCH: November 10, 2018

Please click the title to review the patch notes.   There is a MANDATORY FILE PATCH.  PLEASE RUN YOUR LAUNCHER.    

Outlands Continues to Smash Records: 1600+ Online

Outlands hits new population  heights daily!  We are thrilled to announce that we have now hit the illusive 1600 player mark!     In addition, you may have noticed that our website is moving much faster.   Special thanks to MadMartyr for the technical support in getting things “up to speed!”  See you ingame!