PATCH: April 21

24 Hour Egg Hunt

  • The 24 Hour Egg Hunt Event will be occurring on Sunday
  • Players will be able to buy limited edition Easter Plants from the Prevalia Market Merchant for gold

Event Details listed on the following forum page….nt-begins-sunday-april-21st-at-12pm-est.2065/Greater Heal Spell

  • Healing amounts for the Greater Heal spell have been increased to 40-50 (previously was 35-45)

Energy Bolt and Explosion Spells

  • Damage amounts for the Energy Bolt and Explosion spells have been changed to 25-33 (previously were 20-35)



  • Fixed several achievements that had unattainable 3rd, 4rd, or 5th tier versions (such as Versatility, Savant, Zoology, Animal Affinity, etc) by assigning new target progress values for each achievement Tier
  • Created an audit tool that will run through all player accounts and should fix a large number of current achievement issues, including granting players credit for achievements they now have “completed” when factoring in updated requirements for adjusted achievements as well as previous issues with achievement points tracking
  • The audit tool will also grant players any missing reward points for Achievements they should have received from achievements completed but somehow missed
  • For achievements that have a “list” of types, such as “Paragon Hunter (Kill Different Types of Paragon Creatures) or Zoology (Tame Different Types of Creatures)”, an Info button has been added to the page for that achievement which players can click to see which types of creatures/items/etc they have currently marked off for that achievement

House Decay/Collapse

  • Recoded the entire House Decay/Collapse system to fix a multitude of issues
  • Each Stage of house decay now takes 7 days to pass with the exception of “In Danger of Collapsing”, which is a randomized 12-24 hours
  • Players must wait 2 seconds in between lifting items left behind when a house “drops” due to IDOC

Boss-Level Creatures

  • Mini-Boss, Boss, and Shrine Boss creatures have had their Hit Points adjusted and AutoDispel / Barding Cooldowns adjusted (amounts are listed below)
  • Existing creatures (those already spawned at the time the patch goes live) will still have their previous Hit Point amounts, however, and it will only be boss-level creatures that spawn after the patch goes live that have the updated Hit Points

Mini Bosses

  • Mini Bosses now have 125,000 Hit Points
  • Mini Bosses now Autodispel every 8 seconds
  • Mini Bosses can only be Barded once every 90 seconds
  • Mini Bosses can no longer be tracked in dungeons (players will still be able to get Tracking damage and barding bonuses against them however)


  • Bosses now have 250,000 Hit Points
  • Bosses now Autodispel every 8 seconds
  • Bosses can only be Barded once every 120 seconds
  • Bosses can no longer be tracked in dungeons (players will still be able to get Tracking damage bonuses against them however)

Boss Custodians


  • Each Boss room (but not Mini-Boss areas) now has a Custodian creature that spawns and patrols the room while the Boss is not currently spawned (and will disappear if the Boss does spawn)
  • Custodians periodically search the Boss room for players and tamed creatures and will reveal any found
  • Revealed players/tamed creatures will have a firefield dropped on them, will be prevented from rehiding for 10 seconds, and will likely be attacked by the Custodian

Shrine Bosses

  • Shrine Bosses now have 250,000 Hit Points
  • Shrine Bosses can only be Barded once every 150 seconds
  • Shrine Bosses now Autodispel every 7 seconds

Event Bosses

  • Players must wait 2 seconds in between lifting items off the corpse of an Event Boss creature (i.e. massive creatures we spawn at the end of major events)

Cambrian Pillared Manor

  • Fixed an issue where areas near the outside pillars wouldn’t allow lockdowns, secures, and vendors

Vendor Payments and Contracts

  • Recoded the timer code to fix some issues with proper timing on fee payments and contract renewal times
  • Fixed an issue where players with not enough gold on their vendor were not using gold from their bank to make up the remainder

Storage Shelves

  • Lockpick and Remove Trap Tools now have an increment of 1 for adding/removing to Loadouts (instead of 5 and 2)

Inscription Repair Kits

  • Players can now craft Inscription Repair Kits with Inscription Skill to repair items (such as Magic Spellbooks)

Society Jobs

  • Added Society Jobs for Crafting Inscription Repair Kits

Item Identification

  • Fixed several issues with container search using high levels of Item Identification skill
  • Contents of locked containers will be ignored when using Item Identification to determine the entire value of an object

Time Displays

  • Fixed an issue that was causing some odd numeric displays of time remaining for certain mechanics including “ms”

Gold and Prevalia Coin Piles

  • Fixed a rare issue where Gold or Prevalia Coins could occur in amounts of “0”

Performance Updates

  • Added some code to compensate for latency when casting and moving