PATCH: April 22

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  • We will be running a second Achievements audit script (which will take 20+ minutes to run and process fully) that should resolve issues players had with “List” Achievements such as Zoology, Paragon Hunter, etc where the amounts for player progress were not matching up with the “lists” players had completed
  • The Achievements audit script will also retally player’s total completed achievements and total reward points as well as for each category
  • Achievement Category Server Rankings and Player Total Achievement Rankings will now also be updated hourly at the same as the [ServerRanks mechanic updates
  • Updated the description for Lordship Achievement to say “Glorious” Lord / Lady

Housing Decay / IDOCs

  • All houses on the server have been reset to have the “House Decay Stage” that they previously had on Easter Sunday prior to the patch (the patch unintentionally set all houses to “Like New” status)

Factions Struggles

  • Faction Struggle respawn times have been restored to 2 minutes and “Fast Respawn” Underdog bonus is back to 60 seconds

Pack Animals

  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to double-click Pack Animals to access their backpack

Clothing Unbless Deed


  • Players may now purchase a Clothing Unbless Deed from the Prevalia Market Merchant to remove Blessed status from a clothing or mask item

Resource Map Tomes

  • Lumber Map, Ore Map, and Skinning Map tomes with “old” stored values for Min/Max resource amounts (prior to a patch fix about a month ago) should be now updated with new amounts


  • Custodians will no longer have any loot nor grant experience to players on death


  • Fixed an issue where players sometimes would not receive their full damage bonus to spells for having an active Campfire Bonus

Society Taming Jobs

  • Fixed an issue where Taming Jobs available from the Adventurer’s Lodge would create taming jobs with astronomical amounts (should resolve on next set of jobs becoming available)

Tamed Creature Charge Ability

  • Reduced the delay on tamed creatures using the Charge ability against other creatures to 0.5 seconds (previously was 1.0 seconds)


  • Reverting several changes to movement handling and spell casting processing to hopefully improve player performance (will try another coding method to improve performance)