PATCH: November 13, 2018

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Jail System

  • Built a new Jailing System for staff with automated release for players
  • Players can say “Jail”, “Release”, “Crime” or “Time” when Izual the Jailer wanders along his patrol route near their cell to see how much time they have left in jail

Language Filter

  • We’ve added a language filter that catches players saying certain restricted words (racist / homophobic / etc) that violate our rules for those conditions, and publiclly squelches them for a set duration
  • While squelched, a player’s speech wont be heard by other players unless they are in the same guild, same alliance, same party, or if the player is in a house or ship
  • We’ll be updating the language filter word list as we go, so words in the list may change from time to time (we don’t have a problem with players saying things like “fuck” or “shit” and wont ever add those to the filter, its only stuff we deem personally hostile to some players such as racial/homophobic speech as mentioned above)

Heat of Battle

  • Attacking a guildmate or ally (green hue) will no longer trigger the Heat of Battle Mechanic (that prevents players from recalling/using moongates within 2 minutes of initiating combat)

Withdraw / Check

  • Players may now use the “Withdraw X” and “Check X” commands at banks to withdraw X amount of gold or create a check for X gold
  • Players saying “Balance” will now receive the Balance Gump

Treasure Maps, Fishing Maps, Lumber Maps, Ore Maps, Skinning Maps

  • Fixed an issue where maps being removed from Tomes would show up as complete oceans; all existing decoded maps should now be fixed and Tomes work correctly now

Event Scripter

  • Began implementation of an Event Scripting tool for staff-createds event that will be deployed in the very near future

Players double-clicking Guildstones will now also launch their guild gump


Tamed Stealthing Creatures
Tamed Stealth Creatures will no longer reveal themselves when the server reboots


Speech Filter
The speech spam filter will no longer track player’s speech usage while on ships (since players will often prefer to give ship commands vocally, and at a fast rate)


Captain (Basic) Achievement is now listed as “Register a Small Ship” instead of “Launch a Small Ship”
Fixed a spelling error in Eldritch Phylacteries