PATCH: November 15, 2018

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Interior Decorator

  • A new Interior Decorator Tool for houses is now for sale on Architect Vendors

Donation Maps

  • Donation Maps and Wood Frame Donation Maps are now for sale on the Prevalia Market Merchant (they can be double-clicked to see what Region Bonuses are currently in place)

Tamed / Summoned Creature Speed

  • Tamed and Summon Creatures in Attack, Patrol, or Guard mode have had their speed reduced to previous levels

Abandoned Pets

  • Pets will go wild if they remain out of view of their controller for more than 24 hours (and not stabled)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing wild pets to not be deleted (wild pets are deleted after 1 hour)

Corpse Creek Moongate

  • The guard zone around Corpse Creek’s moongate has been removed

Rental Vendors

  • Players can no longer remove clothing from Rental Vendors
  • When Rental Vendors are dismissed or run out of funds, they will now sort all held items into a list based on sell price, and then attempt to place as many items as possible (starting with the most expensive) into the owner’s bank box. If any items are remaining, they will then attempt to place remaining items (starting with the most expensive) in the bank boxes of any other characters on that account as well. If any items remain after this, they will be placed in a backpack and dropped at the vendor’s feet (which will then decay as normal)

Language Filter

  • Squelch duration for violation of the Language Filter is now 30 minutes
  • Players will recieve a notification when they become squelched for a language violation and which word triggered it


  • Fixed a crash issue with Plant Bowls
  • Fixed a crash issue with The Cistern Gorgon mini-boss