PATCH: November 16, 2018

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Freedom Faction

  • The Freedom Faction has a new hue (for cloth/items/mount tokens) and flag icon

Seafarer League Mount Token

  • Changed the hue for the Seafarer League Mount Token horse (top row, 2nd from the left)

Forest & Frenzied Ostard Hue Change

  • Frenzied and Forest ostards will now spawn hued as intended, without color extending to their horns and feet
  • Previous versions will remain in the game but no longer spawn in the wild
  • Neutral colored (hue 0) ostards are no longer spawning but are available as mount tokens


Faction Struggles

  • Faction Struggles will begin starting this Saturday with a daily rotation for events occuring every day at 4am CST, 12pm CST, and 8pm CST (each event lasts 1 hour)
  • Fully controlling a Faction Struggle Zone will now earn a player 1.5 points per “tick” (previously was 2.0)
  • Contesting a Faction Struggle Zone will earn ta player 1.0 points per “tick” (same as before)
  • Players that die during Faction Struggles (while within the Faction Struggle Region) will not drop any weapons or armor so long as they aren’t magical or made from any colored materials

Tamed / Summoned Creatures PvP Movement Speed
Tamed / Summoned creatures will now move at a reduced speed if any of the following is in effect:

  • The creature’s controller has a Heat of Battle mechanic in place
  • The creature is in Attack Mode and their target is another player
  • The creature is in Guard Mode or Patrol Mode and their current combatant is a player

Tamed Creature Abilities in PvP

  • Abilities that are chance-based (such as Bleed Attacks on melee hits), have a further 50% chance reduction to trigger against players
  • Abilities that are guaranteed, but have a usage cooldown (such as Breath Attacks and Charge) now have randomized delay of several seconds for a creature triggering them against another player (i.e. they wont immediately do them as soon as they are told to attack a player)
  • Damage bonuses to abilities received for XP traits (such as Trample for the Charge ability) provide 50% of the normal damage bonus when against players

Aspect Phylacteries

  • Fixed an issue where Aspect Phylactery stored charge amounts were reseting on server restart
  • Added a sound and visual effect to activating a Phylactery

Command Aspect Weapon/Spellbook Special Effect

  • Fixed an issue that was not granting Tamed / Summoned creatures the damage increase from the Command Aspect Weapon/Spellbook effect when it triggered

Spirit Speak

  • Reduced the amount of charge players gather with the Spirit Speaking skill by 50% of normal

Shrine Corruption Bosses

  • Shrine Corruption Bosses will spawn minions during battle more frequently now
  • Fixed an issue with Shrine Corruption event times; should be more random throughout the day now

Telekinesis Spell

  • Players will no longer be able to look into a locked container with the Telekinesis spell