Factions Start Tomorrow, Saturday, November 16 at 1PM EST

To celebrate 3 weeks online, Outlands is launching our Faction Struggle System tomorrow, Saturday, November 16 at 1PM EST, followed by another event at 9PM EST.  For more information, please click the title to read more.



Factions will begin tomorrow at 1PM EST, followed by another round at 9PM EST.


In order to take part in factions, you must be a member of a guild which is FACTION ALIGNED, and your individual faction flagging Engagement Level (accessed via the [guild menu) must be set to either “ALWAYS” or “FACTION STRUGGLES ONLY.” If you do not have this information set correctly, you will not be able to take part, and you will be unable to change it during the live struggle!



Freedom faction guild members will be automatically dispersed between the two opposing factions (Order & Chaos.)



Factions runs in a pseudo-King of the Hill style format where you gain points for capturing & holding Capture Points (there are two on each “map”), and points for killing your opponents. The events take place on the active shard map. FYI: GM or lower weapons will not drop on your corpse. (anything dull copper level or higher will drop.)



For information on how to start & take part in Factions, please watch this video:





See you tomorrow!