PATCH: November 17, 2018

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Faction Struggles

  • Faction Struggle schedule is now underway!
  • New characters will by default have their Faction Engagement Level to None (i.e they will not be flagged for Faction Combat by default)
  • Guilds may now change their Faction allegiance every 3 days (previously was 7 days)
  • Rebuilt the Prevalia North Faction Struggle location (the eastern gate now has a forest)

Faction Reward Points
Faction Reward Points for participation in Faction Struggles have been adjusted as follows:

Top Scoring Player on Winning Faction: 12 Faction Reward Points
In Top 25% of Scores on Winning Faction: 10 Faction Reward Points
In Top 50% of Scores on Winning Faction: 8 Faction Reward Points
In Top 75% of Scores on Winning Faction: 6 Faction Reward Points
Participation on Winning Faction: 4 Faction Reward Points

Top Scoring Player on Losing Faction: 10 Faction Reward Points
In Top 25% of Scores on Losing Faction: 8 Faction Reward Points
In Top 50% of Scores on Losing Faction: 6 Faction Reward Points
In Top 75% of Scores on Losing Faction: 4 Faction Reward Points
Participation on Losing Faction : 2 Faction Reward Points


Freedom Faction

  • Players will now recieve first notice that a Faction Struggle is going to begin 15 minutes prior to start
  • Players who are in the Freedom Faction will not know which faction their guild will side with until 5 minutes prior to Faction Struggle start (they will have overhead text notifying them of this, however)
  • Five minutes prior to a Faction Struggle population for Chaos and Order guilds will be calculated and Freedom guilds will be assigned to attempt to balance population as best as possible


  • Fixed an issue with Murderers so they may now enter towns for Faction Struggles without being guardwhacked
  • As long as a Murderer in a faction stays within the Faction Struggle area, they will flag as Green to other faction members, Orange to enemy faction members, and Blue to all other players
  • If a Murderer commits a murder during a Faction Struggle, they will lose their Blue notoriety to non-faction members for the rest of the Faction Struggle

Faction Rewards

  • Added a number of new decorative rewards to the Faction Rewards page that can be purchased with Faction Rewards Points

Poisoning Skill Gain

  • Fixed an issue where Poisoning skill gain from 100-120 was not scaling correctly

Society Jobs

  • Society Jobs are now back to normal reward point values
  • Fixed a display issue for a job involving Earth Elementals (wrong graphic)
  • Any jobs that were set to take place in Cavernam (which has not been released yet) have been switched to Mount Petram

Treasure Map Chests

  • Rebalanced the difficulty of monsters for Treasure Map Chests (significantly increased)
  • Monster respawn waves for Treasure Map Chests are now a flat, randomized 20-40 minutes for all chest levels
  • Treasure Map Chests will now decay after 2 hours of being dug up (previously was 4 hours)
  • The player who dug up a Treasure Map Chests can now use the context menu entry of “Demolish” to detonated a Treasure Map Chest

Dungeon Chests
Shorted the respawn timers for Dungeon Chests to as follows:

Level 1: 10-20 Minutes
Level 2: 20-40 Minutes
Level 3: 30-60 Minutes
Level 4: 40-80 Minutes
Level 5: 50-100 Minutes
Level 6: 60-120 Minutes
Level 7: 12-24 Hours (same as before)
Level 8: 3-5 Days (same as before)


  • Fixed a gump issue where clicking a “red button” on the lockpicking gump would show a weird gump graphic