Community Announcements & Rule Updates

We have a few announcements we would like you to pay close attention to. There is no TL:DR, so please do your due diligence to stay up to date.



Outlands does not condone the use of unlawful, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, racially, ethnically or sexually derogatory language. With that said, moderating private messages is beyond our jurisdiction as community managers.


We encourage any players who have been harassed or victimized by another player to report them directly to Discord as this behavior is against their Terms of Use, and they will be removed from the service. Here are two useful links:


Discord Community Guidelines
How to Report Someone to Discord



An announcement was made regarding the new PvP events and alternate characters last Saturday:


Effective immediately, guilds found to be farming Guild Points on Leaderboard events with alternate characters will have their seasonal Prestige set to 0.

Thank you in advance for your efforts to keep the leaderboards legitimate and meaningful.


Due to complexities with the way that the CCC event is currently setup, this statement/rule is being retracted specifically for CCC. No punishments were handed out, or players impacted. Should things change in the future we will address this again then. I would like to thank those players who came forward to discuss the issue with me, whereby we were able to reach a constructive result.


The rule remains for the other events. Evident guild point farming will not be tolerated.



Effective with 24hrs of this announcement, the following rules have been updated:


#1. Account & Character Restrictions
Each player is allowed 3 accounts with 5 characters per account, per IP/household, and 1 player house per account. Please contact an administrator if you have special circumstances (such as a family playing together, or roommates.) Proof will be required. See:
Account sharing is not permitted. One player may only use 3 accounts total. If you are found to be linked to more than 3 accounts, all accounts are subject to be removal.
Multi-client use is allowed, but not for PvP. This means you can have more than one account logged into Outlands at a time, but you may not seek out PvP encounters using multiple clients. Using more than one account in a PvP scenario will result in action being taken against all of your accounts.
Multi-client PvM requires that you keep your characters within 1 screen of each other to avoid percieved Dungeon Camming – see Rule #13. For all intents and purposes, the game defines 1 screen as 18 tiles.


#2. AFK Gameplay:
AFK resource gathering and AFK experience (XP) gain is prohibited.
Leveling Pet, Aspect and Mastery Chain experience while unattended is not allowed. First offense will result in 7 days in jail, and the 2nd offense will result in all experience being removed.
We have a CAPTCHA in place for resource gathering which will result in automatic jail time if failed repeatedly. If a staff member finds you unresponsive for 2 minutes while you are gathering resources, you will be jailed for 7 days on first offense, and banned after the 2nd.
Unattended macroing to gain skill is allowed.


#13. Dungeon “camming” is not allowed.
This includes, but is not limited to, stationing a character to notify you of incoming players and broadcasting to your guild or alliance – via any communication method – the identity or number of incoming players to any portion of a dungeon. The first offense will result in a 7 day account ban, followed by a permanent account ban.