PATCH: September 23 – Pet Buff & IDOC Changes!

After 2 weeks monitoring the pet re-balance, we have given pets a boost.  Please read on for more info…




  • Houses that have reached the “In Danger of Collapsing” stage should now collapse after 1-2 hours (previously was 12-24 hours)

Tamed and Summoned PvP

  • Tamed/Summoned follower PvP damage scalar has been increased to 30% (previously was 25%)
  • Tamed/Summoned follower maximum melee hit chance in PvP is now 66% (previously was 50%)
  • Tamed/Summoned followers now have a 60% reduced chance in PvP to trigger abilities against players (previously was 90% reduction)
  • Tamed/Summoned followers now have a 25% reduced chance in PvP to use a special ability when attacking a player (previously was 40% reduction)
  • Tamed/Summoned follower ability cooldowns in PvP are now only increased by 50% (previously were increased by 100%)

Murderers and Account Aggression Restrictions

  • The Account Aggression Restriction mechanic will now trigger on murderers with 5 or more murder counts (previously was only for 6 or more murder counts)

Corpse Creek Contest

  • CCC has returned to Always Mounted.

Town Struggles

  • Fixed an issue where Town Struggles were not rotating between Mounted and Unmounted


  • Any player who is participating in a PvP-event (such as Castle Sieges) should now be able to ressurect by using an NPC healer in town, even if normally a murderer


  • Updated the code handling on housing borders that were causing some areas of houses to not be considered part of the house

Lugrish Ork Fort

  • Removed restrictions for Mounts and Recall/Gate on the Lugrish Ork Fort Region (still remains a Grey Zone, however, and Bludchok Orc Fort is not affected by these changes)


  • Fixed a number of Region borders for areas that were not correctly being set

Mana Regeneration

  • Increased the timer-priority handling on player Mana Regeneration to provide more accurate mana regen rates

Great Sunken Serpent

  • Fixed an issue that was causing players to sometimes have looting rights to only one or two of the different serpents