New Developer Joins Outlands

Luthius and I are excited to announce that the Development team on Outlands has expanded, and now includes Vorspire.



Vorspire brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, and was previously responsible for the patch which fixed our major lag issues during launch in addition to being the author of our Launcher.


Having previously worked for some of the largest shards in the world and with over 15+ years of UO development experience, we are sure that Vorspire will prove a very worthy addition to our team. Vorspire will be working under Luthius on various content patches and to expedite our development.


The development team now totals 3: Lead Developer Luthius, our systems optimisation expert Jaedan and newly Vorspire.


His role is strictly on the development side of Outlands, and he will not have an ingame character or staff account, so kindly do not bother him regarding matters pertaining to ingame activity.



Welcome, Vorspire!