PATCH: December 8, 2018

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Holiday Town Decorations


  • Townships around the world have gotten into the holiday spirit and are now sporting holiday decorations (requires players to run the Outlands Patcher to update their map files)

Holiday Items





A number of limited edition items have been added to the Prevalia Merchant for the holiday season including:

  • Shimmer Evergreen Cloth (Hue 1479)
  • Shimmer Cardinal Cloth (1476)
  • Winter Boots
  • Balaclava
  • Royal Winter Dress
  • Holiday Garland
  • Luminated Holiday Garland (animated)
  • Green Candy Cane
  • Snow Capped Juniper Tree
  • Giant Snowflake
  • Holiday Lights (animated)
  • Green Holiday Stocking
  • Holiday Cactus
  • Luxurious Present
  • Gold-Trimmed Present
  • Lavish Present





Performance Upgrades

  • Readded a large number of Jaedan’s performance upgrades that were removed when we were attempting to locate the Stack Overflow issue
  • Recoded a number of mechanics for ship AI handling and processing that should reduce CPU usage and improve lag


  • Players now will lose their Criminal status upon death and Perma-Flags should properly clear
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a player’s notoriety color after losing criminal status would not be updated on other player’s screens
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a player’s tamed creatures would not update their notoriety color to match the player’s immedaitely

Looting Rights

  • Found several issues with the damage-tracking code that was causing problems with looting rights for creature corpses (especially with regards to spell damage)

Shrine Corruption Ankh Tokens

  • Fixed an issue that was not tracking player damage on Shrine Corruptions correctly and also not distributing Ankh Tokens properly

Corpse Creek Map Revision


  • The map area around Corpse Creek has been overhauled to improve player movement traversing the area

Faction Struggles


  • Removed all Dungeon and Wilderness locations, as the majority of them were too close of quarters for the size of the population we have participating in Faction Struggles
  • Built 7 new Faction Struggle locations (3 in Prevalia, 2 in Andaria, and 2 in Cambria) that have 2 very large capture zone and 3 respawn zones each
  • Added 4 new Faction Struggle locations (Terran, Outpost, Corpse Creek, and Horseshoe Bay) that have one very large capture zone and 5 respawn zones (neither faction will begin having control of the capture zone)


  • Announcement of a Faction Struggle will begin 30 minutes prior to the event and will have several additional countdowns announcements prior to start
  • In order for a player to participate in a Faction Struggle, they must be inside their respective Faction Base when the event starts
  • Any player who is not inside their Faction Base at the start of the event will not be considered part of the Faction Struggle, and will not be able to score points, respawn upon death, nor will their corpse be protected from enemy looting as described below in the “Player Death” section

Freedom Faction

  • Members of the Freedom Faction now have their own Faction Base that they will access at prior to event start (via Green Faction moongates in town)
  • Once the event starts, the number of participants for Chaos and Order factions will be calculated (based on players in those bases) and Freedom Faction guilds will be temporarily assigned to either Order or Chaos to best balance the population among the factions

Player Death

  • Players will no longer have their GM Weapons/Armor considered to be blessed during Faction Struggles
  • Corpses of players who die during a Faction Struggle (within 100 tiles of a zone) will only be lootable by themselves or their guildmates until their corpse decays to bones (takes 15 minutes for a corpse to decay to bones)
  • Players will not be able to carve other player corpses during a Faction Struggle (since this would turn a player’s corpse to bones)

Guilds will now earn the following Guild Prestige amounts for Faction Struggles:

Faction Victory: 5 Guild Prestige
Faction Loss: 3 Guild Prestige
Top Guild in Total Score: 2 Bonus Guild Prestige

Post-Faction Struggle

  • For 15 minutes after a Faction Struggle, participating Murderers will be exempt from being guard whacked in towns
  • Once 15 minutes have passed after a Faction Struggle, Freedom Factions guilds will return to their normal handling (leaving the temporary Chaos/Order faction they were assigned)


  • Added tracking of lifetime stats for players and guilds for Faction Struggles (these stats won’t be immediately visible to players, but I will create a viewable player and guild profile similar to Arena Profiles for everyone very soon)
  • Conducted a visual overhaul of Faction Gumps

Faction Flashpoints

As mentioned above, we removed a large number of our previous Faction Struggle locations including those taking place in the Wilderness and in Dungeons
Faction Struggles are currently scheduled to occur at 8 hour intervals (4am CST, 12pm CST, and 8pm CST) each day
In order to promote additional faction-related combat, we will be introducing Faction Flashpoints


  • Flashpoints are 15 minute long “King of the Hill” style events that will occur at random intervals in between scheduled Faction Struggle times (typically two of them will fall in between each Faction Struggle)
  • Flashpoints will feature one control zone that is fought over by the three different factions (Freedom Faction guilds will not be treated as enemies of each other while within 100 tiles of a control zone)
  • Locations for Flashpoints will largely focus on Wilderness and Dungeon areas and players will not be able to recall / gate / camp within 50 tiles of the control zone
  • Control of the Flashpoint will be similar to controlling a zone in a Faction Struggle, however Flashpoints do not feature the other rules found in Faction Struggles (i.e. no respawn mechanics, no protection for murderers, no protection for corpse looting, etc)
  • At the end of the 15 minutes, the Faction currently controlling the zone will earn Faction Reward points and Guild Prestige for its participants (amounts to be determined)
  • Flashpoints are not currently active but will be enabled very soon

Faction Engagement Level and Guilds

  • When a player joins a guild, they will now always reset their Faction Engagement Level (determines when they flag as orange to enemy guilds) to “Never” and must manually change it if they want to flag as orange to enemy guilds

Guild Prestige

  • Guilds will now earn Guild Prestige amounts when tackling large creatures based on how their total damage amount ranks compares to the other guilds that damaged it

Prestige amounts for guilds are as follows:

Mini-Boss Highest Damaging Guild: 3 Prestige
Mini-Boss 2nd Highest Damaging Guild: 2 Prestige
Mini-Boss All Other Damaging Guilds: 1 Prestige

Shrine Boss Highest Damaging Guild: 6 Prestige
Shrine Boss 2nd Highest Damaging Guild: 4 Prestige
Shrine Boss All Other Damaging Guilds: 2 Prestige

Boss Highest Damaging Guild: 9 Prestige
Boss 2nd Highest Damaging Guild: 6 Prestige
Boss All Other Damaging Guilds: 3 Prestige

Event Boss Highest Damaging Guild: 30 Prestige
Event Boss 2nd Highest Damaging Guild: 20 Prestige
Event Boss All Other Damaging Guilds: 10 Prestige


  • Harvesting amounts for resources (Boards, Ore, Leather) in Towns and Guard Zones will now be 50% of normal (similar to the existing mechanic on Shelter Island)

Housing Vendors

  • Fixed an issue that was ignoring the maximum number of Rental Vendors that was supposed to be allowed for houses
  • Players can view the number of current vendors as well as maximum allowed vendors in their house (which does includes non-accepted Rental Vendor Contracts locked down in a house) in the Vendors tab of the House Menu
  • We recommend that players if they are over their intended limit for their house, they dismiss excess vendors to return to the intended amount
  • Over the course of the next few weeks we (staff) will be working with players to phase out any excess vendors still remaining (and putting “moving crates” in bank boxes for vendors in houses remaining that are over their vendor limit)

Lyric Aspect Armor

  • Fixed an issue that was incorrectly adjusting Barding Song durations with Lyric Aspect Armor (should be correct now)

Aspect Weapons

  • Fixed an issue that was causing Aspect Weapons to receive a dramatically a large bonus to accuracy (now is correct amount)
  • Fixed some visual issues with the Poison Aspect Weapon/Spellbook Special Effect triggering on targets

Treasure and Resource Map Locations

  • Removed a number of potential locations for Treasure Maps, Fishing Maps, Ore Maps, Lumber Maps, and Skinning Maps that are valid housing locations
  • Any existing maps that have a location that contains a house will receive a new randomized location

Resource Map Tomes

  • Fixed an issue where Lumber Maps, Ore Maps, and Skinning Maps that were being added to player’s respective Resource Tomes were not being displayed: any maps that players have added will now correctly display (i.e.e players should not have lost any maps due to the issue and they should now appear)

Treasure Map Chests

  • Fixed an issue where single-clicking a Treasure Map that was about to decay shortly would result in “1 sec remaining”

Veterinary Supplies

  • Fixed an issue where if a player died while in the middle of using Veterinary Supplies they would be stuck and unable to use them again after resurrection

Tamed Creatures

  • PvP Damage Scalar for Flame Purgers and Corpse Purgers have further been reduced from 40% to 30% (standard creatures are 50%)
  • Bloodwolves now have the Irate Trait (instead of Intensity) which correctly works with Blood Rage

Hostile Creatures

  • Non-Boss creatures in Dungeons will now follow a player up to a maximum of 30 spaces from its spawn location (and will teleport home if exceeding it)
  • Non-Tamed Otyugh’s spine attack has been reduced in effectiveness
  • Reanimated creature corpse explosions (such as from Spare Parts, Reanimated Daemons, etc) will no longer damage other non-tamed creatures (this previously would cause them to aggro other non-tamed creatures)
  • Fixed an issue where Paragon creature corpses would appear as red and be freely lootable

Society Jobs

  • Fixed an issue where society jobs for “Training Creatures in Region X” weren’t tracking correctly


  • Achievements for killing creatures now will use damage percentages for determining a player’s contribution on a kill (i.e. a player dealing 50% damage to a creature will be considered to earn 50% progress for achievements on that creature)

Outlands Collectable Cards

  • Corrected the date on the “Population Reaches 2000” card
  • Beta Hero Cards should now say “Beta Hero” rather than just “Player”

Player Visibility

  • Fixed an issue where players manually squelched by staff would not be visible to other players

Alacrity Scrolls

  • Alacrity Scrolls that have expired will now say as such when single-clicked


  • Skinning a creature via a context menu will now properly generate a Captcha request

Training Credit Deeds

  • Fixed an issue where players were able to use Training Credit Deeds with a listed amount of “0” gold


  • Fixed an issue where players below 80 weapon skill could potentially make Disarm attacks (now correctly mirrors Hamstring)

Training Weapons

  • Training Weapons now should always do at most 1 damage (was a fluke issue where they could do more than 1-2 damage)

Crash Fixes

  • Fixed a crash related to Kindling
  • Fixed a series of crashes related to Ship Crewmembers in combat