PATCH: December 13, 2018

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Committing Murder

  • After killing a blue player, all killers involved will have the Heat of Battle mechanic activated (which prevents Recall, Gate, Moongate, or Hiking usage) for the next (2 Minutes * Number of Killers)
  • If a player chooses to report a killer for murder, the killer will receive 1 Short Term and 1 Long Term Murder Count
  • However, if there was more than 1 killer involved in the murder, there is a (10% * Players Beyond the First) chance for the murder to instead result in 2 Short Terms and 2 Long Term Murder Counts received
  • Players now have 24 hours to report a murder after it occurs (previously was 48 hours)

Murder Count Decay

  • Both Short Term and Long Term murder counts now decay every 72 hours (provided the player doesnt commit a murder in that time)
  • Fixed an issue with Murder Count Decay timers

Murderers Resurrecting

  • When a player with 5 or More Short Term Murder Counts dies they will be responsible for paying Resurrection Fees when they attempt to resurrect
  • Murderers who die while participating in a Faction Struggle, in a duel or tournament in the Arena, or while on a ship are not subject to resurrection fees, however

Resurrection Fees and Penalties are as follows:

  • 225 Gold for every Short Term Murder Count above 5 the player has
  • 25 Gold for every Long Term Murder Count the player has
  • An Account-Wide Aggressive Action Restricton is placed upon the account that prevents any character on the account from conducting hostile actions (attacking, looting, stealing) against blue players for 1 hour for every 50 Long Term Counts the player has
  • For example, a 1 hour restriction would be placed at 1-49 Long Term Counts, a 2 hour restriction would be placed for 50-99 Long Term Counts, and so on
  • Gold used to pay Resurrection Fees will first come from the player’s Bank Account, and if that is insufficient, will come from the banks of other characters on their account
  • Short Term Counts are then reset to 5 after resurrection

Additional Option: Repent

  • When players pay Resurrection Fees when resurrecting as a murderer, they have an additional option to Repent
  • If the player toggles the Repent option, after they pay their Resurrection Fees and are resurrected, their Long Term Murder counts will then be reduced to 0
  • Additionally, an Account-Wide Aggressive Action Restriction of 72 hours is placed on the account
  • Players are not allowed to select the Repent option if ANY account associated with their IP Address currently has an Account-Wide Aggressive Action Restriction already currently in place
  • Whenever a player Repents on resurrection, a server notification goes out to all players that that player has done so


  • Players have a (100% * (Snooping Skill / 100)) chance to successfully snoop another player’s backpack and containers
  • Players when snooping have a (100% – (75% * (Snooping Skill / 100)) chance to be noticed by nearby players within 8 tiles (which simply generates a “You notice X snooping Y” system message)
  • A player who is Hidden while snooping will never generate a notice notification to other players


  • A player’s base success chance to steal an item is (50% * (Stealing Skill / 100))
  • A player who is wearing a Disguise Kit has a +25% bonus to stealing success chances
  • A player who is Hidden while making their stealing attempt has a +25% bonus to stealing success chances (they will be revealed after the stealing attempt is made)
  • A player making a stealing attempt against a Disarmed target has a +25% bonus to stealing success chances
  • A player making a stealing attempt against a Hamstrung target has a +25% bonus to stealing success chances
  • A player must wait 2 minutes after dying before they may make another stealing attempt

Stealing Weights

  • Item weight does not factor into stealing success chances, but the the maximum weight an individual item a player can steal is (10 * (Stealing Skill / 100)) stones
  • If an item is stacked (such as gold or reagents), a successful stealing attempt will steal a number of the item equal to ( (5 * (Stealing Skill / 100)) / Individual Item Weight * (Random value between .9 and 1.1))
  • For example, a stealing attempt at 100 Stealing skill will steal an average of 50 Reagents or 250 Gold from a stack

Being Noticed

  • When a player makes a criminal stealing attempt (against a blue target), they have a chance to be noticed by other players and human NPCs
  • If a thieving player is noticed by players or human NPCs while outside of town, it will simply generate a system message notification (no other consequences)
  • If a thieving player is noticed in town by any human NPCs, they will call guards and the thief will be killed
  • If a thieving player is noticed in town by any players, if they call guards within 15 seconds after the action occurs the thief will be killed
  • Each non-friendly player (not in their guild) within 8 tiles of the thief increases the notice chance by 10% (reduced to 5% if not in LOS of the thief)
  • Each human NPC within 8 tiles of thief increases the notice chance by 5% (reduced to 2.5% if not in LOS of the thief)
  • Players will also potentially have an increased chance to be noticed if they have raised any “Suspicion” in a town (see below)



  • When a player is noticed in a town after a stealing attempt, their amount of “Suspicion” in that specific town is raised
  • Each time a player is noticed after a stealing attempt in an individual town, they will suffer a cumulative 10% increase in chance to be noticed when making future stealing attempt in that same town for the next 12 hours (the player must go 12 hours without a guard related death to clear their Suspicion in a town)
  • Players can view their current Suspicion levels for each town by saying “I must consider my sins” or [ConsiderSins

Disguise Kits

  • Players must have 80 Stealing skill in order to apply a Disguise Kit
  • Players may apply a Disguise Kit at most once every 15 minutes

Faction Struggles

Times and Durations

  • Faction Struggles now are 30 minutes in duration (instead of 1 hour)
  • Faction Struggles now will occur every 4 hours (instead of 8 hours)

Faction Struggle times are as follows every day:

12am CST
4am CST
8am CST
12pm CST
4pm CST
8pm CST

Faction Struggle Participation

  • In order to be considered a Faction Struggle participant, players must first begin a Faction Struggle within their Faction’s Base (accessed by green Faction Moongates that spawn in towns prior to the event)
  • Once a Faction Struggle begins, players who move further than 200 tiles away from any Capture Zone or Respawn Zone are no longer considered participants (and will not follow the normal Faction Struggle rules for scoring, item usage, death, respawning, guard exemption for murderers, etc) until they return to the area

Faction Engagement Level

  • The “Faction Struggles Only” Faction Engagement Level has been removed, with “Always” and “Never” as player’s choices now
  • Any player who previously had “Faction Struggles Only” has been automatically switched to “Never”
  • All players may immediately change their Faction Engagement Level once the patch goes live

Items Usage
Players participating in Faction Struggles now have free consumption of the following items:

Arrows / Bolts

Stamina-Free Movement

  • Participants in Faction Struggles can now push through non-participants without stamina loss


  • Removed previous handling for corpses for Faction Struggles (follows normal corpse rules now)
  • Anytime a Faction Struggle participant dies, they now immediately resurrected and teleported (with any nearby pets) to their Faction Base
  • Respawn timer for participants in Faction Bases is now 2 minutes (previously was 3 minutes)
  • Murderer players can now be resurrected by Faction Base healers (if they show up to a Faction Struggle dead)

Faction Struggle participants no longer drop ANY items upon death with the exception of the following:

Weapons or Armor made with colored materials
Magical Weapons and Armor 
Aspect Weapons and Armor


  • Removed the Banker, Stablemaster, and Healer NPCs from faction zones

Underdog Bonuses


  • When one faction’s score falls below the opposing faction’s by certain amounts, the losing faction will activate Underdog Bonuses that remain in play for the remainder of the Faction Struggle for them (even if they later increase their score past those amounts)
  • Players can view which Underdog Bonuses are activated for their faction in the [Faction gump window and click the orb button next to each bonus for a description of it

Underdog Bonuses are as follows:

Late Arrival

  • Activated when losing by 50 Points
  • Allows members of the faction who are not currently participating in the Faction Struggle to enter Faction Moongates and enter the Faction Struggle after it has already started to join their Faction’s team

Fast Respawn

  • Activated when losing by 100 Points
  • Reduces respawn cooldown for by 50% (from 2 minutes to 1 minute)

Blessed Armaments

  • All weapons and armor (including Aspect, Colored Material, and Magical) are now blessed

Notoriety / Flagging

  • Fixed a large number of issues to prevent non-participating players from performing both hostile or beneficial actions to participants
  • Members of the same guild will flag as blue to each other if one is participating in a Faction Struggle and the other is not
  • Murderer players participating in a faction struggle will flag as blue to non-faction participants so long as they don’t commit a murder during the event (which will cause them to lose their temporary blue status)

Resolution and Rewards

  • At the end of a Faction Struggle, all participants will be teleported to their Faction Bases
  • Removed the 15 minute post-Faction Struggle Murderer Leeway / Freedom Faction delay (since players will be teleported to their Faction Bases)
  • Fixed an issue for players Reward Points tracking and available points to spend for players

Faction Reward Points awarded for player participation are as follows:

Top Scoring Player on Winning Faction: 6 Faction Reward Points
In Top 25% of Scores on Winning Faction: 5 Faction Reward Points
In Top 50% of Scores on Winning Faction: 4 Faction Reward Points
In Top 75% of Scores on Winning Faction: 3 Faction Reward Points
Participation on Winning Faction: 2 Faction Reward Points

Top Scoring Player on Losing Faction: 5 Faction Reward Points
In Top 25% of Scores on Losing Faction: 4 Faction Reward Points
In Top 50% of Scores on Losing Faction: 3 Faction Reward Points
In Top 75% of Scores on Losing Faction: 2 Faction Reward Points
Participation on Losing Faction : 1 Faction Reward Points

Guild Prestige awarded for guild participation are as follows:

Guild in Winning Faction: 3 Prestige Points
Guild in Losing Faction: 2 Prestige Points
Top Scoring Guild: 2 Additional Prestige Points

House Deeds

  • House Deeds are now blessed for 1 hour after purchase from the Real Estate Vendor
  • House Deeds are now blessed for 1 hour after demolishing an existing house and receiving a House Deed in your backpack


  • Players can no longer hike to a destination if they have a Heat of Battle in effect


  • Players can no longer use a Bedroll to log out if they have a Heat of Battle in effect, have been recently in combat, or recently been flagged in PvP

Heat of Battle

  • Players who attempt to cast Recall, cast Gate, or use Moongate while criminal and have Heat of Battle active will receive a notification as to how much Heat of Battle duration they remaining (rather than simply the receiving the “Thou art a criminal and cannot escape so easily” message)

Server Rankings

  • Removed Prevalia Coin Spent and Long Term Murders from Server Rankings page

Treasure Map Chests

  • Players are no longer able to loot or use items in Treasure Map Chests while any of the chest’s guardians are still alive
  • Players who destroy a Treasure Map Chest (via context menu) prior to lockpicking the chest will have the corresponding Treasure Map marked as complete (but will not earn achievements/society progress)
  • Reduced the special loot drops amounts (skill mastery scrolls / aspect cores)
  • Increased the minimum and maximum values for magical items in Treasure Map Chests

Slayer Wands

  • Fixed an issue where Slayer Wand damage was not being tracked as being committed by the player (and creatures killed with Slayer Wands would sometimes show as blue corpses)

Aspect Phylacteries

  • When players use an Aspect Phylactery, their next melee weapon swing with a matching Aspect Weapon will have 100% chance to hit a creature


  • Fixed an issue where using the [Pouch command sometimes wouldn’t locate a valid trapped pouch

Arms Lore and Player Stats Profile

  • Fixed a bug that was display low values for Accuracy on weapons in the Arms Lore and Player Stats Profile pages

Fire Aspect Armor

  • Fixed an issue that was causing Fire Aspect Armor to trigger flamestrike wayyyy too often

Faction Abbreviations

  • Players who have their Faction Engagement Level set to “Never” will no longer have an [C], [O], or [F] abbreviation displayed in their overhead name text

Frostbane Creatures

  • Lowered difficulty value (and therefore loot amounts) of Frostbane NPCs


  • Mapmaker NPCs now carry 999 blank maps (instead of 500)


  • Fixed several issues with campfires not tracking secure times correctly


  • Players should no longer be able to create names and guilds (via Renaming Deeds) with ” ” at the end of them

Farmer’s Almanac

  • Farmers Almanac’s should now correctly consume 1 charge when used

Locksmith Training Boxes

  • Players manually targeting Locksmithing Training Boxes with Lockpick and Trap Tools (rather than use the gump) now correctly will be able to gain skill up to 120 (was capping at 80 previously)

Skinning Corpses

  • Players are no longer able to carve blue corpses in the New Player Dungeon (which would cause them to go criminal)

Forensic Eval and Tracking Messages

  • Players activating Hunting mode with Tracking or using Forensic Eval / Skinning on a corpse will now receive a system message informing them of all their new bonuses for Damage to Creatures, Damage to Players, and Barding Skill bonuses

Corpse Creek Moongate And Hiking Destinations

  • Fixed the locations of Corpse Creek’s Hiking and Moongate Destinations to account for the recent map overhaul to the region

Polymorph Flagging

  • Fixed an issue with updating grey flagging for polymorphed players


  • Fixed an issue where players were able to use skills, spells, and items in jail

Player Timers

  • Fixed several issues with “Player Timers” which display player system messages when certain effects expire / PvP flagging ends