PATCH: December 17, 2018

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Repair Benches


  • Players can now craft Repair Benches using Blacksmithing, which may be double-clicked to automatically repair all items a player has equipped and in their backpack
  • Repair Benches must be locked down in a house in order to be used
  • Players do not need any Blacksmithing skill to use a Repair Bench
  • Repair Benches have between 0 and 100 charges, with each activation by a player consuming a charge (Repair Benches will not be deleted when reaching 0 charges)
  • Players can add charges to a Repair Bench by double clicking a Blacksmithing Repair Kit, Carpentry Repair Kit, or Tailoring Repair Kit and targeting a Repair Bench
  • Each Repair Kit consumed adds 25 charges to the Repair Bench

Crafting a Repair Bench requires 120 Blacksmithing Skill and the following items:

1 Iron Ingot Commodity
1 Board Commodity
4 Blacksmithing Crafting Manuals
4 Tailoring Crafting Manuals
1 Carpentry Crafting Manual

1 Tinkering Crafting Manual

Treasure Map Chests

  • Fixed an issue where players could loot Treasure Map Chests before their guardian creatures were killed
  • Looting items from Treasure Maps Chests reveal the player
  • Lowered the overall number of spawns on Treasure Map chests slightly

Faction Struggles
Guild Prestige earned from Faction Struggles are now as follows:

Guild in Winning Faction: 2 Prestige
Guild in Losing Faction: 1 Prestige
Top Scoring Guild in Faction Struggle: 1 Additional Prestige

Storage Shelves


  • Players can now add Exceptional Quality, un-marked items to Storage Shelves (including tools such as Mortars and Pestles)
  • Players can now add Greater Poison Potions and Lethal Poison Potions to Storage Shelves (are denoted by G, D, and L for Greater / Deadly / Lethal next to each potion)

Ghost Scouting

  • Players who are ghosts and no longer have a corpse/bones in a dungeon will be removed from any dungeon (corpses take 15 minutes to decay to bones, and then 15 more minutes for bones to decay entirely) and placed at the dungeon entrance
  • Ghost players that try to enter a dungeon that they do not have a corpse inside of will be returned to the dungeon entrance

Player Deaths

  • When players are dragging an item from a container and die while still holding the item, the item will now be returned to the container (rather than dropped to their corpse)

Heat of Battle

  • Players will no longer trigger any Heat of Battle in Arenas


  • Securing campfires should be functioning as intended now

Murder Counts

  • Players who are below 5 Short Term Murder Counts will never gain more than 1 murder count per kill (normally players have a chance to gain 2 murder counts when pking with multiple players)
  • Decay for Short Term and Long Term Murder Counts should be functioning as intended now


  • Fixed a bug that was causing all trapped pouched to activate via the [Pouch command
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to use Trap Wire to trap pouches similar to normal containers (existing trapped pouches in this manner have had their traps wiped)


  • Players may now Recall or Gate into house courtyards of houses they are Owners, Co-Owners, or Friends of
  • Updated some of the handling on housing regions for LOS and access

Home Surveying Tool


  • Players now can click the Wiki button next to each house in the Home Surveying gump to view the Wiki Page entry for that particular house (which now shows house interiors)


  • Increased the difficulty of Forgotten Souls, Bound Souls, and Tormented Souls (and adjusted loot scalar to be same)
  • Fixed a rare issue that was causing crashes when Doppelgangers duped items on players that were not dupable


  • Players now must have line-of-sight to Moongates in order to use them
  • Players are no longer able to make Stealing or Snooping attempts in Town Moongate Guardzone regions (95% of players doing such are using AFK scripted thieves to abuse this area)


  • Players are no longer able to make Stealing or Snooping attempts in Moongate Guardzone regions (95% of players doing such are using AFK scripted thieves to abuse this area)
  • Players cannot make Stealing or Snooping attempts for 2 minutes after death
  • Fixed an issue where players could potentially steal items in Arenas or Faction Bases
  • Fixed an issue where players were gaining Suspicion during stealing attempts outside of towns
  • Fixed a display issue where Suspicion amounts in towns were going above 100%


  • Fixed several issues that were sometimes causing ships to not be counted as being “empty” of NPCs or player ships of having players still on board when empty


  • Fixed an issue where players applying a second barding effect to a creature (which is done at a +25 skill bonus) wouldn’t gain skill on the second barding attempt (because their skill was being treated as being 25 higher than before and potentially had 100% success chance)


  • Players in allied guilds may loot creature corpses that their players in their allied guilds have looting rights too (i.e treated as being in same guild for creature corpse looting)
  • Players may no longer carve player corpses in Shelter Island or New Player Dungeon


  • Alliance Chat is now available for players (by pressing Shift + \)
  • Fixed the location of the Next Faction Struggle time in the Guild Gump Overview page


  • Updated the text hue color for Paragons in the Tracking Results window to be more visible


  • Fixed an issue where players casting Recall off a Runebook or Runetome while having [AutoUseSpellScrolls toggled would burn both a Recall Charge from a Runebook/RuneTome as well as a scroll (will now use the scroll first if possible, and then Recall charge only if necessary)
  • Runebooks will now show their names with descriptions

Help Stuck

  • Fixed an issue where some players Help Stuck requests would not work


  • Fixed another issue where players could potentially Hike while in Jail

Reveal Spell

  • The Reveal Spell now requires the caster to be in LOS of a player to reveal them

Performance Improvements

  • Reduced a large amount of CPU usage being taken up by timers for Ships
  • Reduced a large amount of CPU usage for the AI timer on creatures (related to LOS checks)
  • Updated handling on Resync to hopefully improve performance
  • Fixed several issues with sequencing movement and queued actions