Outlands Surpasses 1000 Online Players

It is with great excitement that we announce after only 55 hours online, Outlands has surpassed the milestone of 1000 players online!   Thank you for joining us and making Outlands your shard of choice.


Here is a 7.5hr video of launch day madness:




We would also like to give a big thanks to all of the players who helped to beta test the shard over the last year and a half, and who were patient with us for taking so long to get this shard launched.



While Luthius and myself do kick out of development, and would still probably keep building things even if there weren’t any players interested in playing, it still gives us immense amounts of satisfaction hearing from players how much they’re enjoying their time here and how much it reminds them of playing UO for the first time again (which is absolutely the best compliment we can think of).



We look forward to building for you for many years to come!



Owyn & Luthius