Patcher Issues

Due to an extremely high volume of traffic, the patch server has been bogged down for the past 48hrs.  While we work diligently to rectify the issue for the longterm, we have uploaded a complete package of the game for your convenience.



Download Complete Outlands


To install, simply extract the folder to your Program Files directory, run OutlandUO.exe, select your Program files directory, and proceed to launch the Launcher the same way you would normally.  See “How to Connect” for more information.


The Launcher should recognize the game files and update automatically moving forward.   The files in the Complete Outlands folder are up to date with the shard.


In some instances, the Launcher hasn’t fully downloaded the game causing other issues. If you are experiencing misc. issues, you can also try to extract the contents overtop of your existing installation, replacing all files.   This has cleared up issues complete for other players.


Thank you, and we hope to have this issue resolved very soon.