PATCH: April 28

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  • Tracking distance in dungeons has been reduced by 50%
  • Players will no longer be able to track players or creatures outside of their current dungeon level
  • Removed the mechanic where players logging back into a dungeon after being offline for 10 minutes would teleport them outside the dungeon
  • Players may no longer use bedrolls to log out inside dungeons


  • Hamstring effect duration against players is now 2 + (4 * (Attacker Dex / 100)
  • Hamstring effect duration against creatures is now (2 + (4 * (Attacker Dex / 100)) * 2

Strength and Agility Potions

  • Removed the cooldown on using Strength and Agility Potions


  • Fixed an issue that was causing House Decay levels to refresh on server reset
  • Housing Decay levels will be reset to their levels as of Friday night
  • Players must be a Friend, Co-Owner, or Owner to be able to enter a House region (such as a courtyard) through Recall, Gate, or Hiking

Outlands Collectable Cards

  • Fixed that background graphics on cards (again!)
  • A Six Month Anniversary Collectable Card has been given to all players

Player Context Menus

  • Context menu entries for players that are conditional (such as Eject from House, Use Stablemaster) will now be displayed at the top of the Shift-Click context menu for players

Mini-Bosses and Bosses

  • Mini-Boss Health has been reduced to 75,000 (from 125,000)
  • Boss Health has been reduced to 150,000 (from 250,000)
  • Existing bosses at the time of the patch will have their previous health amounts, however (newly spawned bosses will have the updated health values)


  • Stolen items cannot be lifted by any player for 30 seconds

Arena Tournaments

  • Any player participating in an Arena Tournament will earn at least 3 Arena Reward points for participation
  • We will be restarting the Arena Tournament schedule again shortly, with some new modifications and schedule updates

Faction Struggles

  • Respawn times have been reduced to 90 seconds on death (previously was 2 minutes)
  • The “Fast Respawn” Underdog bonus will now reduce respawn rates by 30 seconds
  • Players will no longer be able to cast Polymorph or Incognito during Faction Struggles
  • Players who become participants in a Faction Struggle will cancel any ongoing Polymorph, Incognito, or Disguise Kit effects

Corpse Creek Contest

  • Players will no longer be able to lift items out of the Corpse Creek Contest Victory Chest while hidden
  • Fixed an issue where players leaving a house to join a Corpse Creek Struggle where being prevent from participating for 5 minutes

Training Dummies

  • Players can now use Training Dummies and Archery Buttes to train up to 70 skill


  • Fixed an issue where Lockpicking range was 1 tile when using a Lockpicking item and 2 tiles when using the gump (should now be 2 tiles for both)


  • The Explorer (Hiking) Achievements are now worth 3, 5, and 7 Achievement Reward points respectively

Alliance Chat

  • Alliance chat will now also preface messages by the player’s guild abbreviation

Mastery Chains

  • Players can now craft Mastery Chains using the Tinkering skill
  • Mastery Chains are blessedwearable items occupying the Talisman slot on a player
  • Mastery Chains can have Links added to them that provide permanent PvM bonuses (i.e. against creatures) to that player
  • Similar to Aspect Gear, Mastery Chains will never provide any bonuses to players who are currently in PvP or have been in combat with another player within the last 2 minutes
  • There are four visual styles of Mastery Chain: GildedExquisiteFashionable, and Twin Loop
  • The visual style of a Mastery Chain does not affect it’s mechanics, simply how it looks

Using Mastery Chains

  • Mastery Chains must be permanently bound to that player in order for that player to receive bonuses from the item
  • Players can have multiple Mastery Chains bound to themselves, although most players will likely maintain just one due to large amount of effort required to upgrade a Mastery Chain
  • Players may choose to simply keep their Mastery Chain in their backpack, rather than wear it (since it takes up a Talisman slot on their character), however they must equip it at least once in order to set that Mastery Chain as their “active” one for bonus purposes
  • Single-clicking a bound mastery chain will display who the owner is

Upgrading Mastery Chains

  • Mastery Chains by themselves will provide no benefit to the player until they add Mastery Chain Links to the chain
  • Players are allowed to add up to 25 Mastery Chain Links to a Mastery Chain, however they must first Unlock Links in them by earning xp
  • Players earn xp by performing actions that earn gold (killing monsters / unlocking dungeon chests / etc) while wearing their Mastery Chain
  • Players will earn 1 xp for every 1 gold that they earn (will also be adding other ways to earn XP in the very near future)


  • When players earn enough xp to Unlock a new Link, they will receive a notification that their Mastery Chain has Unlocked a new link
  • Players can unlock up to 25 Links, and they can see how many total they have unlocked at the top of the Mastery Chain gump window (1/25 in this image)
  • If players have any available Unlocked links in their Mastery Chain, they will see one or more Green colored links in the chain graphic
  • Installing a new Link requires consuming 250 Arcane Essence

Mastery Chain Link Types

  • Mastery Chain Links are very rare loot items that are only available through a few specific game mechanics, or alternatively, purchasable by using a very large number of reward points from certain systems
  • Mastery Chain Links come in 3 different material types: Bronze, Silver, and Gold
  • Each Link has a specific effect or bonus it adds to a player when installed into a Mastery Chain, with that effect/bonus amount increasing based on the material type
  • Silver Links are even more rare than Bronze, and typically will have 25% higher bonus amounts than Bronze Links
  • Gold Links are ultra rare and typically have 50% higher bonus amounts than Bronze Links

Installing Mastery Chain Links

  • If a player has an available unlocked link in their Mastery Chain (displayed in Green at the top chain graphic) players can click the Install Link button in the Mastery Chain gump window to target and add a Chain Link in their backpack to their Mastery Chain


  • Players are allowed to install up to 10 Chain Links of the same bonus effect into a single Mastery Chain, and the cumulative total bonus for each effect is displayed in the Mastery Chain window
  • Players can remove Links by clicking the Remove Links button in the bottom right corner of the window

Removing Mastery Chain Links

  • When Removing Links from a mastery chain, players can click the Left/Right arrows to navigate through their currently installed links, with the selected link denoted with a Green pointer and the individual Link bonus displayed in the bottom panel
  • Clicking the Remove Link red button will remove the highlighted link from the chain and place it back in the player’s backpack
  • Players will not receive the 250 Arcane Essence back when removing links, but they will be able to place a new link back into the chain in place of the removed one
  • When a player is done removing links, they can click the Done button in the lower right corner to return to the main page

Acquiring Mastery Chain Links

  • Lore Books and Tomes of Heroism (described later in this patch notes) are sources of Mastery Chain Links
  • Players can also purchase them with reward points from the Arenas, Factions, Achievements, and Society Reward system menus for a very large number of reward points

Mastery Chain Link Bonus Values Current values for potential Mastery Chain Links are listed below:


Mastery Chain Link Reforging Tools

  • Due to the scarcity of Mastery Chain Links and because there are over 50 different types of potential randomized bonus effects possible on Mastery Chain Links, it will be very, very difficult for a player to acquire a large number of the matching or similar types of bonuses through pure random chance
  • To address this, players have the opportunity to purchase Reforging Tools, which can be used to alter a Mastery Chain Link to a specific bonus effect
  • There are BronzeSilver, and Gold Reforging Tools available, and players must use a Reforging Tool of the same material type as the Mastery Chain Link they wish to alter (i.e. Bronze Reforging Tool on a Bronze Mastery Chain Link)


  • Players can double-click the Reforging Tool in their backpack, and then target the specific Mastery Chain Link they wish to alter
  • In the resulting menu, players can use the left/right arrows to rotate through the different bonus effects available that they may to change the Link to
  • When the player is satisfied with their selection, they can click the Reforge Link button to change the bonus on the Link (this will consume the Reforging Tool)


  • Players can acquire Reforging Tools by spending Reward Points from Arena, Achievement, Faction, and Society Reward systems
  • Players can also acquire Reforging Tools by spending gold at the Prevalia Market

Mastery Chain Link Tome

  • Players will now be able to purchase Mastery Chain Link Tomes from the Prevalia Market Merchant as way to store their various Mastery Chain Links they acquire

Boss Summoning and Dungeons Guild Page

  • A second Tabs page has been added to the Guild menu that can be accessed by clicking the Down arrow in the lefthand Tab


  • Players can click the Dungeons tab on the 2nd page of the Tabs menu to see the Dungeons guild page
  • As a guild earns gold by its members killing monsters and unlocking Dungeon Chests in individual dungeons, they make progress towards being able to manually summon the boss of that dungeon


  • When a guild cumulatively has earned 1,000,000 gold in an individual dungeon, the Summon Boss button illuminates for that dungeon and the guild is allowed to manually summon that boss one time at a point of their choosing by clicking the button
  • Players cannot summon a dungeon boss if that dungeon boss is already spawned (players will receive a notification informing that the boss is already alive and active)
  • If players summon a dungeon boss, and the normal spawning for that boss occurs while the guild-summoned boss is active, the boss spawner will delay its normal spawning by 60-120 minutes and will try again at that point (and will continue to delay as long as the summoned boss still exists)
  • After a guild summons a boss for a dungeon, their gold progress for that dungeon is reset to 0 and they can respawn the boss again after cumulatively earning another 1,000,000 gold in that dungeon

  Tome of Heroism and Omni System Tome Of Heroism

  • Players can now craft a Tome of Heroism from the Inscription crafting menu
  • Tomes of Heroism are blessed items that players place Tokens of Heroism into in order to complete a collection of Mini-Boss and Boss kills


  • Single-clicking a Tome of Heroism will show how many total tokens have been added to the tome
  • Double-clicking a Tome of Heroism will bring up the Tome’s menu which shows a listing for each dungeon Boss and Mini-Boss that exists in game


  • When a Boss is killed, one random player who dealt damage to the boss will earn a Token of Heroism (chance is scaled based on damage dealt by the player)
  • If the player is alive and with 50 tiles of the Boss’ corpse, the Token will be placed in their backpack
  • Alternatively, if the player is dead or more than 50 tiles away from the Boss’ corpse, the Token will be placed on the Boss’ corpse and may only be lifted by that player, guildmates, or party members for the next 10 minutes (after that time any player may lift it from the corpse)


  • When a Mini-Boss is killed, there is a 50% chance one random player who dealt damage to the Mini-Boss will earn a Token of Heroism (chance is scaled based on damage dealt by the player)
  • If the player is alive and with 50 tiles of the Mini-Boss’ corpse, the Token will be placed in their backpack
  • Alternatively, if the player is dead or more than 50 tiles away from the Mini-Boss’ corpse, the Token will be placed on the Mini-Boss’ corpse and may only be lifted by that player, guildmates, or party members for the next 10 minutes (after that time any player may lift it from the corpse)


  • Players can add a Token of Heroism into a Tome of Heroism by double-clicking the Token and targeting the Tome


  • When a Mini-Boss or Boss has its token added to a Tome of Heroism, its icon becomes visible and its listing turns white with a bloody mark


  • Once a player has added a token for every Mini-Boss and Boss to a tome, they receive 2 Mastery Chain Links in their backpack
  • Additionally, players now gain the opportunity to “Summon Omni Gate”

Omni System Summoning Omni Gates

  • Players who have completely filled a Tome of Heroism with all 18 required Mini-Boss and Boss tokens are allowed to Summon an Omni Gate
  • Players are only allowed to summon one Omni Gate for each completed Tome of Heroism
  • To summon an Omni Gate, the player double-clicks a completed Tome of Heroism and then clicks the “Summon Omni Gate” button in the center of the menu

A player is only allowed to summon an Omni Gate under the following conditions:

  • There is not an active Omni Boss currently alive
  • They are not in a Guarded Region (such as a town)
  • They are not in a Dungeon, Arena, or Faction Base region
  • They are not inside a house or on a ship


  • If they are in a valid outdoor location, clicking the Summon Omni Gate button will begin a summoning effect


  • And an Omni Gate will appear at their location

Omni Gates

  • Only the player who summoned the Omni Gate, their guildmembers, and party members are allowed to use the summoned Omni Gate
  • Players attempting to use the Omni Gate will be given a prompt window informing them that their destination, The Omni-Realm, is a Lawless (Grey) region

Omni Realm

  • There are 3 different Lairs in the Omni Realm, and each time a player summons an Omni Gate, it will lead to a randomized Lair
  • Omni Realm Lairs are Lawless (Grey) zones, meaning players can freely attack each other inside





Omni Realm Moongates

  • Each Omni Realm Lair has between 8-10 Moongates around the edges of the Lair that players can use to exit back to the town of their choice (similar to normal public moongates)
  • Unlike normal moongates, however, players can leave through these moongates even while they have a Heat of Battle activated
  • Every 60 seconds, one randomized moongate in the Lair is determined to be the “Entrance Moongate”
  • Whenever players enter the Omni Realm (by traveling through an Omni Gate) they will appear at the location of the current Entrance Moongate (this is intended to reduce the effectiveness of “camping” locations within the Omni Realm)

Omni Bosses

  • At the center of each Omni Realm Lair awaits one of three randomized Omni Bosses: The Astral Daemon, The Abyssal Daemon, or the Storm Daemon
  • Omni Bosses are powerful, have a very large health pool, and are intended to require a large number of players to fight for a significant amount of time to defeat it


  • Omni Bosses have 750,000 Hit Points
  • Omni Bosses can only be Barded once every 180 seconds
  • Omni Bosses Autodispel every 6 seconds
  • Omni Bosses grant 25 Prestige to the guild dealing the most damage to it
  • Omni Bosses grant 15 Prestige to the guild dealing the 2nd most damage to it
  • Omni Bosses grant 5 Prestige to all other guilds dealing damage to it
  • Omni Bosses have a very large amount of loot (Event Boss level) on their corpse


  Omni Boss Completion

  • When the Omni Boss is killed, two random players who dealt damage to the Omni Boss will earn a Mastery Chain Link (chance is scaled based on damage dealt by the player)
  • For those players, if they are alive and with 25 tiles of the Boss’ corpse, their Mastery Chain Link will be placed in their backpack
  • Alternatively, if those players are dead or more than 25 tiles away from the Omni Boss’ corpse, their Mastery Chain Link will be placed on the Omni Boss’ corpse and may only be lifted by that player, guildmates, or party members for the next 10 minutes (after that time any player may lift it from the corpse)
  • 60 Minutes after the Omni Boss has been killed, all players currently remaining in the Omni Realm will be teleported (including their pets) back to the last town they have visited via public moongate

The Daemon Keep and Public Omni Gates The Daemon Keep

  • A new location, The Daemon Keep, has been added to the map
  • An entry for the Daemon Keep has been added to the Atlas under “Points of Interest”
  • The Daemon Keep is a Lawless (grey) zone




  • The Daemon keep is populated by Rift Cultists, who during combat will randomly summon one of several new Rift Daemon creatures


  • When a player kills a Rift Daemon, there is a chance they will drop an Omni Rune on their corpse (chance is increased based on difficulty of the daemon)

Daemon Keep Public Omni Gates

  • If an Omni Boss has recently been summoned and after 60 minutes it is still alive, a number of Public Omni Gates will appear throughout the Daemon Keep


  • Any player can use a Public Omni Gate in the Daemon Keep to gain entrance and “invade” the Omni Realm (since it is a grey zone)
  • Entering the Omni Realm requires a player to have 1 Omni Rune in their backpack (which will be consumed upon entrance)

Lore System

  • The Lore System introduces snippets of world lore unique to the lands of Outlands, encompassing the Creatures, Towns, Dungeons, History, as well as Mythical Figures and Notable Personages of our game world
  • Players will encounter Research Materials throughout their journey, which must be decoded by the player to in order to create a Lore Page, which in turn can then be added to a Lore Book
  • There are over 30 different Lore Volumes in the system, with each individual volume comprising of between 10 to 15 individual Lore Pages on the related subject
  • Players can add Lore Pages to Lore Books to organize them, and if a player manages to add all pages required to complete a specific volume, they will be rewarded handsomely

Research Materials

  • Players can find Research Materials as loot drops from a large number of sources (such as monsters, dungeon chests, treasure maps, etc)
  • Players will use several different skills to decode Research Materials and convert them into Lore Pages, which in turn will be added to Lore Books
  • Players can double-click Research Materials to research (i.e. decode) them


  • Double-clicking Research Materials brings up the Research Page which initially shows a garbled collection of text
  • Players can attempt to decipher the Research Notes by using the CartographyDetect Hidden, and Item ID skills (100 skill is required for each)

  Deciphering Research Materials

  • Clicking the button next to each skill will attempt to decipher part of the Research Materials using that skill
  • Each Research Materials has a randomized “correct” number of uses required for each particular skill type
  • Every Research Material require 5 different “skill clicks” to completely decipher it
  • If the player clicks 5 times but does not perform the required number of uses of each particular skill, the Research Material will reset itself to its original state
  • For example, a Research Materials might require 1 Cartography Use, 3 Detect Hidden Uses, and 1 Item ID use
  • A player clicking a skill that is required will unscramble 20% of the characters on the page to the correct letter they should be
  • A player clicking a skill that is not needed OR clicking that skill more times than is required will scramble 20% of the characters on the page to a different, incorrect letter
  • Players should experiment with click combinations and look to see which combinations result in nearly-formed words

  Research Guides

  • Players can now craft Research Guides using the Inscription skill, which can be used when deciphering Research Materials if a player does not have 100 skill or higher for one of the skills (Cartography, Detect Hidden, Item ID) needed
  • Each Research Guides have 250 uses (i.e. “Skill Clicks”)


  • If a player has a Research Guide in their backpack, and attempts to decipher a Research Materials using a skill that their player does not have 100 skill points in, it will consume 1 use of the Research Guide and will generate a system message for the player informing them of such

Lore Pages

  • When a player successfully determines the correct combination of skill click needed, the text completely unscrambles and the Research Material is replaced with a Lore Page belonging to a particular lore volume such as “Creatures of Mount Petram”
  • Single-clicking any Lore Page will say the Lore Volume it becomes to, as well as which page number of the volume it is

Lore Books

  • Players can now craft Lore Books using the Inscription skill
  • Lore Books begin as “empty” until a player drops a Lore Page into it


  • If a player drops a Lore Page into an empty Lore Book, that book will now become dedicated to a single lore volume (such as “Creatures of Aegis Keep”
  • Players can also add Lore Pages by clicking the “Add Lore Page” button instead of dropping Lore Pages onto the book itself
  • Players can see which pages have not yet been added to the Lore Book by double-clicking it


  • Players can click the Left/Right arrows at the bottom of the Lore Book to navigate through pages and see existing Lore Page content


  • When players have added all required pages to a Lore Book, they will recieve 1 Mastery Chain Link and a Legendarily Drawn Treasure Map (level 8)


Lore Bosses

  • Players who dig up a Legendarily Drawn treasure map will encounter a Lore Boss creature that will guard the chest and must be killed before players may access the chest’s contents


  • Lore Bosses have similar handling for AutoDispel, Barding Cooldowns, Special Effect Reductions similar to other bosses (albeit at smaller levels)
  • Lore Bosses have 50,000 Hit Points
  • Lore Bosses can only be Barded once every 60 seconds
  • Lore Bosses Autodispel every 10 seconds
  • Lore Bosses grant 3 Prestige to the guild dealing the most damage to it
  • Lore Bosses grant 2 Prestige to the guild dealing the 2nd most damage to it
  • Lore Bosses grant 1 Prestige to all other guilds dealing damage to it

Legendary Treasure Map Chest

  • Among other loot in the Legendary Treasure Map Chest, players will discover a Mastery Chain Link inside

Prevalia Casino

  • The Prevalia Casino is now open for business!
  • The Prevalia Casino is located to the North East of the Prevalia main bank
  • The first casino game available to players is Monster Shuffle (a slot-based game) with Liars Dice and Poker coming shortly (both are coded, but need some gump work and testing)



Monster Shuffle

  • The first casino game available to players is Monster Shuffle
  • Monster Shuffle is a slot-like game where players try to create matches or sets of creatures

How to Play

  • Players can play Monster Shuffle by double-clicking either a Monster Shuffle Table or Monster Shuffle Cup which are situated against the western wall of the Prevalia Casino (each table has a flashing animation)
  • Each game of Monster Shuffle costs 250 gold
  • Players can click the “Add 1,000 to Balance” button to withdraw 1,000 gold from their bank account and add it to their Monster Shuffle balance
  • If a player leaves the casino in the middle of a game, they can return later and will have the same balance and game status that they had when they left
  • When done playing, players must click the “Collect Balance and Leave” button to deposit their current Balance back into their bank box

Rules of Play

  • Players begin by clicking the Roll button at the bottom center of the Monster Shuffle menu, which removes 250 Gold from the player’s Balance
  • The player will then be given three randomized creatures in each of their Monster Shuffle Cups
  • There are 30 different potential Creature Groups (such as Draconic, Skeletal, Reptile, etc)
  • Each individual Creature Group itself has 3 different creatures: a Common, an Uncommon, and a Rare creature (making for a total of 90 possible creatures)
  • Player rewards are adjusted based on the Creature Group as well as the Rarity of creatures involved in the players result


  • After a player’s intial Roll, they are given the option for each creature to either Keep it or to Reroll it and receive a new creature
  • Players can click the Diamond button under each cup to toggle whether to Keep that creature or Reroll it
  • Players can choose to Keep or Reroll any number of creatures
  • When the player is content with their selections, they will click the Resolve button to proceed to the final result


  • For each creature the player has opted to Reroll, they will receive a new randomized creature in that cup
  • The game will then check and see whether the player has ended with a winning combination of creatures, and if so, determine rewards

Players win by having any of the following among their results:

  • Two creatures belonging to the same Creature Group
  • Three creatures belonging to the same Creature Group
  • Two of the exact same creature (considered a “Match”)
  • Three of the exact same creature (also considered a “Match)


  • Players earn a baseline amount of gold for each winning result based on the type of result
  • Reward amounts can then be further multiplied based on the Rarity of the individual creatures involved as well as which Creature Group they belong to
  • Each Creature Group has its own Group Bonus Multiplier which modifies how often the creature comes up (higher value = lower frequency) but also improves the gold reward amount
  • The Rarity of the individual creatures involved in a “Match” affects how often that creature comes up (higher rarity = lower frequency) but also improves the gold reward amount
  • Group Bonus and Match Bonus multipliers are displayed as text underneath each creature’s cup

Reward amounts for results are as follows: Two Creatures from the same Creature Group Reward = 500 Gold * Group Bonus Multiplier Three Creatures from the same Creature Group Reward = 2500 Gold * Group Bonus Multiplier Two Matching Creatures Reward = 750 Gold * Group Bonus Multiplier * Match Bonus Multiplier Three Matching Creatures Reward = 5000 Gold * Group Bonus Multiplier * Match Bonus Multiplier


  • Players who have winning results also have a chance to earn unique loot items (chances are scaled based on creature rarity and odds of result type)

Pulma Dungeon Expansion

  • Pulma Dungeon has been expanded and will have new spawns soon

Bludchok Orc Fort

  • A new Orc Fort, Bludchok, has arisen just west of the Smugglers Den
  • Bludchok is a Lawless (Grey) region that is Mountless as well as Recall/Gate restricted
  • An entry for Bludchok Orc Fort has been added to the Atlas under “Points of Interest”

Echoes Basics

  • Players are allowed to create 1 Echo for each of their characters
  • Echoes are a stored snapshot of their character’s Stats and Skills at a specific time
  • Players will be able to Activate their Echo at most once every 24 hours
  • Activating an Echo will set that player’s Stats and Skills to match those stored in the Echo (and also stores their old Stats and Skills for later retrieval)
  • Players will not be able to Activate an Echo if they have been in any form of PvP in the last 5 minutes or been in any form of combat in the last 2 minutes
  • Players will not be able to Create or Activate an Echo while in the Arena

Echoes Menu

  • Players can access the Echoes system by typing [Echo or [Echoes in game (and will eventually have a button in the Paperdoll -> Help sytem)
  • The left side of the menu displays their character’s current Stats and Skills
  • If a character has an Echo, it’s Stats and Skills are displayed on the right side of the menu
  • If a character does not currently have an Echo, they can create a new one of their current Stats and Skills by pressing the Diamond button at the top of the menu near “Create Echo of Current Character”
  • Creating an Echo has a substantial cost, and players can click the arrow keys at the top of the menu to rotate through the different ways they can pay to create an Echo of their character

Players can pay to create an Echo of their character with any of the following payment options:

  • 1,000,000 Gold
  • 500,000 Doubloons
  • 10 Mastercrafting Diagrams
  • 75 Aspect Cores (any mixed type)
  • 50 Aspect Distillation (any mixed type)
  • 100 Skill Mastery Scrolls (any mixed skills)
  • 500 Arcane Scrolls

Creation and Activation of Echoes

  • When a character creates an echo, it will immediately adopt their character’s current Stats and Skills
  • Characters can Activate their Echo by clicking the Activate Echo button on the right side of the page
  • Activating an Echo immediately sets the player’s Stats and Skills to match what was stored in the Echo and stores their characters’s old Stats and Skills on the right side of the page where their Echo was (effectively, their old Stats and Skills have now become their new Echo)


  • Players can Activate an Echo at most once every 24 hours
  • Players can view how long they have before they may Activate an Echo at the bottom of the page (if a cooldown is currently in place)

Intent of the Echo System The intent of the Echo system is to give players who have invested a very large amount of time and/or resources in certain skills (such as Crafting, Harvesting, or Taming) the opportunity to make variations on their character without having to completely build a new character entirely from scratch For instance, a player with 120 Poisoning who is playing as a Poisoner Mage character may want to diversify and try playing as a Poison Dexer To accomplish this, the player creates an Echo of their character which stores their current “Poison Mage” Stats and Skills into an Echo The player then creates their “Poison Dexer” template by reworking thier current character’s skills (through normal skill gain and dropping unwanted skills) to the desired amounts In the image below, the player has Poisoning, Magery, and Magic Resist on both their current character and their Echo, but their current character has dropped Spirit Speak, Taste Id, Wrestling, and Meditation and in exchange for Fencing, Tactics, Healing, and Anatomy The player is now able to switch between the two builds once per day by clicking the “Activate Echo” button