PATCH: May 1

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  • Hamstring has been restored to it’s previous handling (3 seconds flat duration, regardless of player Dex)


  • Tracking skill cooldown is now 5 seconds (previously was 10)
  • Tracking hunting mode now will activate every 5 seconds
  • Players may now track creatures in dungeons at full distance (tracking players in dungeons remains at 50% of normal max distance)


  • The cooldown for Echo activation has been reduced to 12 hours (previously was 24 hours)

Ship Holds

  • NPC Ship Holds are no longer pickable via Lockpicking

Aspect Special Effects

  • Harmful spells cast against Tamed/Summoned creatures will no longer qualify to trigger an Aspect Special

Hiking Locations

  • Fixed an issue where players Unlocked Hiking locations “shifted” by several spots in the Atlas


  • Players can now Gate/Recall freely into open areas of public houses (only houses set to private require the player to be a Friend/Co-Owner/Owner to Recall or Gate into an area contained in the house)

Behemoth Basilisk

  • Fixed a crash issue with the Behemoth Basilisk
  • Fixed several abilities that werent properly targeting players on Area-of-Effect abilities

Lore Books

  • Players can now view (but not edit) Lore Books that are locked down in houses

Tomes of Heroism

  • Players can now view (but not edit) Tomes of Heroism that are locked down in houses

Tokens of Heroism

  • Players can no longer add a Token of Heroism to a Tome of Heroism while inside a dungeon