PATCH: February 14 and 12

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February 14th:

Rare Valentines Forest & Frenzied Ostard Hue

  • A limited edition Valentines-hued Forest & Frenzied Ostard are spawning in the wild. They will be available only until February 21st. (1 week)


Prevalian Merchant 

  • New limited edition items have been added to the Prevalian Merchant for Valentines Day. They will be available only until February 21st. (1 week)


Shimmer Valentine cloth (hue 2916)
(note: in order to view this new hue you must update your files. Run your launcher.)

(when dyed another hue, the ingame avatar image will appear darker)

Maidens Robe
(female only)

Rose on a Vine (rose is dyable with Furniture Dye)
Orchid in a Vase
Snowdrops in a Vase
Heart Pillow


  • Faction Struggle base NPCs should now be properly responding to Red players
  • House placement has been re-enabled (thank you Jaedan)
  • Reds should be able to resurrect as normal
  • A stablemaster and banker have been added to the arena (but are not accessible to Red players)



February 12th:


  • Players who log into a dungeon after having been logged out for more than 10 minutes will be teleported (along with their pets) to the dungeon entrance and will be placed hidden

Ghost Visibility
After a player has been a ghost for 5 minutes, they can no longer see any players or creatures except for the following:

  • Healer NPCs
  • Creatures they control
  • Players in their own guild
  • Players in their own alliance
  • Players in their own party
  • Staffmembers


  • Added support for Faction Struggle restarting (namely for reboots occuring during a Faction Struggle start)

Guild Fealty and Guildmaster Voting

  • Added a second page to the Guild Rank privileges section of the Guild Overview page
  • Guilds may now set the minimum Guild Rank required for players to be able to declare fealty (i.e. set their vote for guildmaster)
  • When a player changes their fealty to another player, it now displays a text message showing how many votes the current Guildmaster has (out of all votes total)
  • Players who are below the Guild Rank required to declare fealty do not contribute votes total for determining guildmaster
  • Players who have not been online in the last 90 days do not contribute votes towards for determining guildmaster
  • The player with the most votes (i.e players who have declared fealty to them) is the guildmaster for a guild
  • In the case of a vote tie, the player with the highest guild rank is named guildmaster, and if all tied players are of the same rank, the player who has been in the guild the longest is named guildmaster

Clothing / Weapons / Armor Double-Clicking

  • Fixed an issue where players were able to double-click to fast equip Clothing, Weapons, and Armor from inaccessible places

Player Vendors

  • Players may now dress and equip their player vendors as they wish


  • Fixed a text display issue for camping that was incorrectly displaying PvP damage bonsues compared to PvM damage bonuses

Housing Placement

  • Added a number of potential housing placement fixes for foliage and impassable terrain
  • Added a limitation on housing placement where the house’s Z value would exceed the RunUO maximum (128)


  • Fixed an issue where some creatures being stored in stables were not correctly flagged as being in the stables


  • Fixed an issue where Slayer Instruments weren’t granting their full bonuses to players
  • Players using Barding Songs now will apply their affect to all nearby players in their guild or party (including Murderers and Criminals)

Taste ID Herbal Poultice

  • Players using the Herbal Poultice mechanic will now apply the affect to all nearby players in their guild, or party (including Murderers and Criminals)

Magic Trap Spell

  • Players can now cast the Magic Trap spell onto Murderers and Criminals in their own guild or party


  • A player must have 80 Weapon skill in their equipped weapon (or wrestling if unarmed) order to make a Backstab attack from stealth
  • Players making Stealth Backstab attacks have 10x normal skill gain chance on the attack
  • Fixed an issue where players could potentially have negative Stealth Steps and not be revealed
  • Fixed an issue where players dying while in stealth would stay hidden as a ghost


Gender Change Deeds


  • Gender Change Deeds have been added to the Prevalia Merchant
  • Gender Change Deeds will change a player’s gender, and assign them a randomized “basic” haircut for the gender (hue will stay the same as before, however)

Alliance Chat

  • Fixed an issue where Alliance chat would generate multiple text messages for a single text input

Arena Stone

  • Fixed a crash caused by the Arena Stone match selection page


  • Fixed an issue where the Mutation trait was not adjusting Snowdrifts ability cooldowns

Knockback Effects

  • Added some additional safety checks to prevent players and tamed creatures from being stuck in inaccessible locations from the Knockback effect

Ship Crewmembers

  • Ship Crewmembers will no longer rummage items


  • Fixed a number of misc bugs with Special Ability handling on monsters towards players
  • Non-Tamed creatures now have a randomized delay of 5-10 seconds before they will do an ability once their AI is “awoken” and they become active
  • Fixed several issues with LOS for determining valid spell and ability targets on creatures


  • Containers now require a LOS for players to access them

Ship Cannon Shot

  • Fixed an issue where reloading ship cannons that were not empty was consuming more cannon shot than neccessary


  • Runebooks now require a LOS for players to access them

Inscription Repair

  • Fixed a crash caused by using Inscription to repair an invalid object

Trash Barrels

  • Trash Barrels will no longer immediately empty when 50 items have been placed inside

Item Properties

  • Added support for LOS toggling for Window-like static tiles