PATCH: February 7

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Aspect Gear

  • Dropped the rate at which Arcane Essence is consumed when using Aspect Gear (per tier level) by about 50%

Stabled Creatures

  • Fixed an issue where some players have “duplicates” of their tamed creatures in their stables which would cause them to stay in the Stables gump even after claiming them

Magic Spellbooks

  • Fixed an issue where Magic Spellbooks weren’t triggering their mana-free casting mechanic correctly

Repair Benches

  • Players can now repair Instruments and Magic Spellbooks through Repair Benches


  • Recoded the handling on stealth so players won’t be revealing if attempt to activate Stealth before their skill cooldown timer has resolved
  • Fixed several issues with Stealth activation timers and triggering movement

Tracking Skill

  • Fixed an issue where players could sometimes fail a Tracking skill check at 100 or higher skill

Dyeable Chests (Prevalia Market)

  • Fixed an issue where the recently added Dyeable Chests acquirable through the Prevalia Market werent dyeing properly with a Furniture Dye deed

Potion Kegs

  • Potion Kegs added to a storage shelf and reduced to 0 stored potions will revert to Hue 0

Slayer Wands

  • Slayer Wands are now recyclable

Murder Count Decay Rate

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes players Murder Counts wouldn’t decay properly

House Placement

  • Fixed several issues where houses would appear as “all green” tiles but still not placeable
  • Readded the ability for staff to place houses on “invalid” locations (in case we have any locations that should be valid but somehow still arent working)

Prevalia Market / Prevalia Stylist

  • Fixed an issue where changing currencies in the Prevalia Market / Prevalia Stylist gumps would display the wrong currency type in the system message text


  • Fixed a crash issue caused by Recall Runes being removed from tomes
  • Fixed a crash issue caused by repairing Inscription items