PATCH: February 5

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PvP Flagging

  • Fixed an issue where players with pets in guard mode would flag their owner as attacking a player if the pet was attacked first
  • Fixed an issue where players doing barding actions on a creature would sometimes get flagged as being in PvP when other players damaged that target
  • Fixed a number of issues causing PvP flagging to occur when damage between pets and barded creatures took place

Auto Stable and Followers

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Auto-Stabling mechanic to interfere with the normal handling for stabled creatures
  • A large number of player-tamed creatures that “disappeared” from stables should now appear for players in the stables (this may put a number of players above their maximum stable slots, and therefore they may need to abandon/release some creatures from the stables before they may continue using them as normal, however)

Trapped Pouches

  • Trapped Pouches should now be purchasable from NPCs once again

Storage Shelves


  • Empty Bottles Veterinary Supplies, Boarding Ropes, and Ship Repair Kits have been added to the Storage Shelf list
  • Players can now drag and drop Containers onto Storage Shelves to stock from them
  • Players can now drag and drop Potion Kegs onto Storage Shelves to stock from them (players must have empty bottles stored in the shelf in order to add potion keg content to the shelf, however)

Treasure Map Chest

  • Fixed an issue causing the new “Monsters” context menu entry on Treasure Map Chests to not work occasionally

Barding Instruments

  • Players can now repair Barding Instruments using Carpentry
  • Single-clicking instruments will now show their uses remaining as well as maximum number of uses

Magic Spellbooks

  • Players can now repair Magic Spellbooks using Inscription (and no longer takes Arcane Essence to do so)
  • Single-clicking Magic Spellbooks will now show their uses remaining as well as maximum number of uses

Housing Placement


  • Players can no longer place houses over items: items must be cleared first before valid placement can occur (notably for IDOCs)


  • The Wooden Lookout house model is no longer for sale

Thin Longswords

  • Thin Longswords have been removed from the game and existing ones have replaced with standard Longswords (Thin Longswords had a number of issues with damage, recycling, NPC vendors, etc)

Rune Tomes and Runebooks

  • Fixed an issue where Rune Tomes were using Gate Charges instead of Recall charges in the list view
  • Recall Runes for ships can now be placed in Runebooks and Rune Tomes

Poison Cores

  • Fixed an issue with Poison Cores not stacking


  • Players will no longer be able to Hike from Atlases while overencumbered
  • Players can now Hike to leave ships



  • Fixed an issue where a number of tree types werent flagged as harvestable


  • Fixed a number of issues where certain tiles for fishing weren’t working correctly

Shrine Corruptions

  • Changed the system message text hue for Shrine Corruptions to differentiate them from other messages


  • Added a number of upgrades to handling for internal processing for item value changes and mobile (creature/player) data updates
  • Fixed an issue where Timers would continue to run while World Saves were being processed

Arena Cloth

  • The hue of Arena Cloth has been changed to 2056 (darker than before)

Trapped Containers

  • Players can no longer open Trapped Containers (explosive/poison/web) on Shelter Island

Empty Bottles

  • Alchemists and Herbalists now stock 999 empty bottles

Creature Experience

  • Players will no longer be able to gain Passive Taming or Creature XP from killing previously-tamed creatures

Snooping Containers

  • Players now require a LOS in order to snoop a container (can no longer snoop from different levels of houses or dungeons)

Evening Gloves

  • Evening Gloves should now display their hue color when single-clicked

Item and Title Names

  • Fixed a number of typos in item names and player titles

Rhinocerus Beetles

  • Now have a more accurate corpse graphic