PATCH: February 2

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Trapped Pouches

  • Trapped Pouches will now deal 1 damage to the player again (as before)
  • Fixed an issue with purchased (from NPCs) Trapped Pouches not working correctly

Storage Shelves

  • Fixed an issue with Storage Shelves where items (Reagents / Potions) sometimes wouldnt show up in the player’s pack after doing a Resupply where a new Trapped Pouch was the only container being added to the player’s pack
  • Trapped Pouches have been placed below Backpacks in the Resources page

Heat of Battle and PvP Flagging

  • Fixed several issues where interactions with creatures and tamed creatures (such as AoE attacks) were incorrectly flagging their player owner as being in PvP

Poison Casting


  • Creatures will no longer resist casted Poison from players
  • Players are now able to cast Lethal Poison, but only onto creatures
  • Players have a (20% * (Poisoning Skill / 100)) chance to upgrade Spell Poison onto creatures to Lethal Poison
  • In order to be able to upgrade to Lethal poison, the player must have a Lethal Poison potion in their backpack (if they do not have, they cannot upgrade to Lethal Poison)
  • On a successful Lethal Poison upgrade cast, there is a 20% chance a Lethal Poison potion in their backpack will be consumed (and players will be notified)

Freedom Faction

  • Freedom Faction guilds will now return to flagging as orange to other Freedom Faction guilds during Faction Flashpoints (and can be attackable)

Tamed Creatures

  • Creatures will no longer go wild after 24 hours (unstabled) and will now only leave their owner when manually released
  • Fixed an issue where pets released in town (and guardwhacked) were showing up as blue corpses (will now be grey to previous owner)
  • Fixed an issue where some stabled creatures were being set to have massive stable claim costs


  • The “Faction Events Only” Faction Engagement Level flag is being removed (again!) with “Always” and “Never” now being the only two choices
  • Players who were previously set to “Faction Events Only” are now set to “Never” but may immediately change their flagging
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing players from changing their Faction Engagement level while an “event was underway”

Server Rank Titles

  • The top player (or guild in the case of Prestige) for each Server Rank Category from the [ServerRank menu now receives a special title while they hold that position
  • If another player becomes the top player / guild for a category, the previous player loses the title to the new player (and receives a message + sound informing them of such)
  • We will eventually be adding multiple Faction Titles soon as well


  • Added some additional checks to fix an issue where players were unable to see other players after completing an arena duel
  • Players will no longer be able to place items on the ground while in the Arena Region

Aspect Cores

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing new Aspect Cores to stack with existing ones


  • Fixed several mechanics that were not properly tracking players being in the New Player Dungeon


  • Fixed several issues that caused issued during our Cavernam event (issues with pet healing and player flagging)

Treasure Map Chests

  • Players can now immediately use the Context Menu “Monster” entry to pull monsters to the chest (if spawned in bad locations) rather than having to wait 5 minutes first

Identification Wands and Container Identification Wands

  • Identification Wands and Container Identification Wands now should correctly receive addition uses for Quality and Colored Materials


  • Fixed an issue that was causing players to get “null” harvesting results (i.e no results messages)



  • Updated the “You begin to move quietly” Stealth activation message to show how many Steps the player has earned (which is 16 at 110 Stealth and 17 at 120 Stealth)

Two-Handed Weapon Spell Parrying

  • Players wielding Two-Handed Weapons can parry spells now similar to players using Shields (if they have Parrying skill)

Energy Field Spell

  • The Energy Field spell will no longer block LOS through it

Ship Boarding

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Boarding Actions against ships with killed crew

Ship Crewmembers

  • Fixed an issue where higher level Ship Crewmembers werent receiving all of their Ship Ability bonuses (existing Ship Crewmembers have had their bonuses “rerolled”)

Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Wooden Dyeable Chests

  • Fixed an issue where these items weren’t functioning as proper containers

NPC Training

  • Wrestling skill is now trainable on Healers, Mages, Blacksmiths

Orc Helms

  • Orc Helms can now be colored with colored ores from the Blacksmithing crafting menu

Cavernam Torches

  • All Cavernam Torches in game are now blessed

Speech Flooding

  • Removed a mechanic that was causing some players to be disconnected when creating lots of overhead text during certain actions (such as taming)

Map Accuracy

  • Fixed an issue where displayed Map Accuracy for certain items (Fishing Maps, Lumber Maps, etc) would go above 100%

Gold Loot

  • Minimum Gold Loot drop amounts is now 6 (so will occur in large piles instead of tiny piles)

Doubloon Tracking

  • Fixed and issue that was crediting all players 1 Doubloon Achivement progress for each creature kill on land


  • Burning Ash Trees now need a LOS to their targets for their Fire Rain ability


  • The Great Abyssal Hornbeast (Cavernam) now has a tether of 30 tiles (to prevent wandering beyond his area)


  • Wild Llamas will now also spawn in Hue 0 form


  • Fixed a crash caused by Cavernam Snowpiercers
  • Fixed a crash related to the Stable gump