PATCH: February 16

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Valentines Day

  • Updates for Valentines Day creatures / event

Vendors / Rental Vendors

  • Vendors in houses will now utilize the “Bank Item Queuing” mechanic now when they are dismissed / decay
  • “Banking Item Queuing” for vendors has the gold for a dismissed/decayed vendor going into the vendor owner’s bank box and all items on the vendor will be “queued” to drop into the owner’s bank box
  • Any items that can’t fit into the player’s bank will be later added when the player opens their bank and if it has room to fit the item
  • Players will recieve a message when opening their bank if they have remaining items queued for their bank
  • Players will no longer be able to recycle, sell, or scissor clothing created by placing a vendor

Weapon Poison

  • Fixed an issue where players using Poisoned weapons against creatures would sometimes lose charges if their weapon’s poison is the same level as what’s currently on the creature already

Barding / Taste ID Group Effects

  • Readded visuals / sounds when players reapply Barding Song and Taste ID Poultice Effects to players before existing ones have expired


  • Players who are using the Hunting mechanic for Tracking will no longer track any players currently in Houses
  • Players who are tracking for Blue, Grey, or Red players will not display members of their own guild or party in their results list

Ship Crewmembers

  • Fixed an existing issue with Ship Crewmembers not getting their correct stats/skills/abilities and those values not applying correctly to their ship (if installed)

Treasure Map / Resource Map Locations

  • Adjusted a number of locations for Treasure Maps / Resource Maps that were in invalid locations or housing-friendly areas

Tinkering Menu

  • Fixed a redundant menu listing for Utility (“Utility Items” already exists)

Faction Base Bankers and Stablemasters

  • Fixed an issue where Murderers and Criminals couldnt use Faction Base Bankers and Stablemasters

Phase Spider

  • Fixed an issue where the Phase Spider Shrine Boss was giving more Guild Prestige than intended