PATCH: February 25

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  • Prevalia has received a map overhaul with new buildings for upcoming features and systems (such as the Prevalia Exchange Officer and Sieges / Sigils PvP)

Corpse Creek

  • Corpse Creek has received a map overhaul for upcoming features (such as The Corpse Creek Contest PvP system)
  • Fixed a small area of Corpse Creek that wasn’t registering as being part of the region (and wasnt flagging as Lawless)

Prevalia Market

  • Valentines Day and Cavernam items have been removed from the Prevalia Market Merchant

Valentines Ostards

  • Valentine Hued Ostards will no longer spawn in the wilderness

Housing Placement

  • Fixed an issue with the Z-Level placement of houses that was caused by clicking a static object (grass/foliage) and was attempting to place at that Z-Level instead of the underlying land level
  • Fixed a few misc issues with calculcating flat land Z-values for houses
  • Created a new “Blacklist” of implaceable tile static IDs to prevent some unintended housing locations
  • The 1 Tile “impassable” border around houses no longer must be flat

Spell Damage

  • Reorganized the back-end code on Spell Damage to clean up some inconsistences with bonuses and scalars interacting with each other


  • Updated the list of valid “Mining” land/static tiles in game to fix some outlier issues
  • Targeting tree foliage will now trigger a smart harvest for Lumberjacking
  • Using Bladed Items on target should be functioning as normal again

Player Enhancements (Customizations)

  • Fixed an issue where players Unlocking certain customizations (such as Hoarder / Bench Player) were not applying correctly
  • Players who have unlocked these customizations should now have them in place

Air Drakes / Air Dragons / White Wyrmlings / White Wyrms

  • The Hues for Air Drakes/Dragons and White Wyrmlings/White Wyrms have been switched (and effects hues updated)
  • Existing versions of these creatures have had their hues swapped

Barbed Prowler

  • Thorns ability now has a 25% trigger chance on receiving Melee Hit (previously was 12.5)
  • Barb Swarm ability now deals (Damage Max x 2) Bleed Damage to all creatures hit (increase of 100%)
  • PvP Damage scalar for Barbed Prowler reduced to 35% (previously was 40%)

Corpse Purger / Flame Purger

  • Corpse Purgers and Flame Purgers will no longer use their Giant Barrage (which inflicts 2 hits in a row) against other players

Elusive Pet Trait

  • Fixed the wording on the description for Elusive Pet trait (was displaying 25% melee defense per 1% health missing, which was incorrect)

Polymorph Spell

  • Players who are under the effect of a Polymorph spell will now correctly display as grey to the player themselves

Ships and Guardzones

  • Players and creatures will always flag as grey to other players and creatures if both are onboard ships, even if in a guardzone (such as near Shelter Island)


  • Fixed the Icons for Desert Ostard Mount Token and Forest Ostard Mount Token (were switched)


  • Fixed an issue where the Hook (Seafarer Society Reward Item) was unintentionally set to Female Only

Resource Maps

  • The amount of colored resources harvested for Lumber, Ore, and Skinning Map have been greatly increased (nearly doubled)

Repair Kits

  • Repair Kits should now fix Instruments and Magic Spellbooks

Passive Animal Taming

  • Players should no longer use up Passive Animal Taming when Animal Taming Skill is toggled Up, but the player is at the Skill Cap and has no other skills toggled to Down for skill gain

Skill Mastery Orbs

  • Players can no longer use a Skill Mastery Orb while they have a Heat of Battle mechanic in place (as well as recently being in player-combat)


  • Fixed a number of water tiles that weren’t allowing fishing to occur on them

Player Vendors

  • Clothing on Player Vendors can no longer be sold, cut up, or recycled

Object Features (Staff Features)

  • Added a number of admin-only tools to provide emergency support for player object interactions
  • Add global settings support for the object features service
  • Implement checks for all current object feature flags
    Object feature lookups will also include parent types of the given type as a fallback
    Modify InterfaceGump to allow any objects to be presented