PATCH: May 24

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Mastery Chains
  • Updated the handling on Mastery Chain “Paperdoll Refreshing” (which occurs when players Recall/Gate/Hike/Moongate travel) to prevent some issues with player backpack item limits
  • Mastery Chains will now never decay if left on the ground
Hinder / Entangle
  • Hinder and Entangle effects should now correctly be dealing damage again to a target if the target is already Hindered or Entangled
Monster Shuffle
  • Player’s results for Monster Shuffle now will always be whichever result has the highest gold value (previously a Three-of-a-Kind could potentially override a Matching Pair that was actually more valuable)
Stealing Skill
  • Fixed an issue where a player stealing part of a stack of items would cause the remaining stack portion in the victim’s backpack to be unmovable for 30 seconds (will now correctly only set items moved to the thief’s backpack as unmovable for 30 seconds)
  • Fixed a potential issue with older characters (who havent logged in in a while) having issues with items being placed in their main backpack