PATCH: May 23

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Progressive Save Timers

  • Server Saves will now occur at every 10 Minutes + 1 Minute for each consecutive days of server uptime (no crashes/patches)
  • For instance, if the server has been online for 5 days without crashing/patching, server saves will be occuring every 15 minutes

Lift Delays

  • Performing a Lift Action (lifting an item) will no longer create a delay for players to Use an item

Disarm / Hamstring

  • Fixed some issues that may have been causing some players to have their Disarm / Hamstring “untoggled” after various intervals (requiring them to re-toggle it back on)
  • Players who have Hamstring or Disarm set to automatically untoggle will now receive “You may now attempt to Hamstring/Disarm your opponent” messages after swing attempts

Shrine Corruption

  • Each Shrine Corruption Wave creature is now “released” from their summoning portal and appears after a random duration (3-30 seconds)
  • Shrine Corruption Waves now have more creatures per wave (since creature arrival is now randomized / staggered)
  • Volcanic Elemental difficulty has been increased


  • Fixed an issue where Custodians were appearing during Summoned Bosses
  • Custodians will now remove any Ghost Players they come across and teleport them to the dungeon entrance


  • Hit Points for Bosses (but not Mini-Bosses) have been increased significantly (again!)

Lore Bosses

  • Dramatically increased the difficulty of Lore Bosses summoned from Lore Tomes (Flamekeeper, Echo of a Lost Age, Broodbearer)

Daemon Keep

  • Rift Cultists, Rift Footman, Rift Warrior, Rift Lesser Daemon, and Rift Daemon have all been increased in difficulty
  • Omni Rune drop rates for creatures at Daemon Keep have been moderately reduced

Mountless Regions

  • Fixed an issue where players could summon Mount Tokens in certain Mountless areas (although they would be dismissed as soon as the player moved)

Tamed Creatures

  • Whenever a player or tamed/summoned creature performs a harmful action to another player’s tamed/summoned creatures, it will flag them (and their pets) as grey to the victim for the next 2 minutes (this is a safety check to ensure players can fight back against players doing harmful actions to their pets)
  • Tamed/Summoned creatures that have been Pacified with Peacemaking are no longer frozen, and instead may use the following commands: Come, Follow, Stop, Move
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Mender trait to not grant the full healing bonus to pets
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Healing Rune to not grant the full healing bonus to pets
  • Phoenix PvP Damage Scalar has been reduced from 0.5 to 0.4
  • Tamed Creature Bleed effects against players now are spread out across 30 seconds (rather than 15) to lower their impact in PvP

Loot Drops

  • Increased the chance that Treasure Maps will “upgrade” to higher levels when dropped as loot
  • Increased the chance that will Magic Weapons, Magic Armor, Magic Spellbooks, and Magical Instruments upgrade to higher levels when dropped as loot

Spell Scrolls

  • Casting a spell off a scroll will now effectively increase the player’s Magery by 20 both for casting success chance (currently in place) as well as for damage scaling (newly added)
  • Players are still capped at having an effective max of 100 Magery for damage purposes, even with scrolls, however

Server Rankings

  • Monster Shuffle Winnings should now show up on the Server Rankings page

Wilderness Spawns

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause wildlife to spawn in player’s houses

Creature Abilities

  • Tribal Shaman’s special ability will no longer damage targets it does not have LOS to