PATCH: November 10, 2018

Please click the title to review the patch notes.   There is a MANDATORY FILE PATCH.  PLEASE RUN YOUR LAUNCHER.  




Shelter Island and New Player Dungeon

  • Fixed a large number of issues with notoriety and flagging for these areas: players will not be able to do any harmful actions to other players or followers inside these regions

Pet Combat Flagging

  • Fixed an issue where a player could attack a tamed/summoned creature that was currently in Guard or Stay mode, and it would flag the tamer as attacking the instigator
  • Tamed / summoned creatures will only be treated as attacking a target player if their controller gives the Attack command


  • Cleaned up a large number of minor issue notoriety flagging (mainly related to Beneficial / Harmful action flagging)
  • Players in Account Aggression Restriction should no longer be able to do harmful actions to blue pets / summons

Shrine Corruption

  • Shrine Corruption Events will now feature 20 waves of monsters with new ranges of creature difficulty and max number of creatures
  • Shrine Bosses will now feature spawns of minions at various intervals
  • Shrine Bosses now have more damage resistance
  • Completion of a Shrine Corruption Event will now distribute 100 Ankh Tokens amongst participants (previously was 50)
  • Players must now do at least 2500 damage during a Shrine event in order to qualify for receiving a Skill Mastery Scroll

Releasing Tamed Creatures

  • Players releasing tamed creatures in town will result in those tamed creatures automatically being killed

Passive Taming

  • Players who have their Animal Taming skill flagged as Locked or Down will not make any checks for passive taming skill when their creatures are in combat (and therefore wont lose any passive taming points banked)

Atlas, Hiking, and Moongate Destinations

  • Players hiking to towns or leaving dungeons via Golden or Crimson Mongates will now appear at a random location their desired town (fixed issues with the wrong town sometimes being chosen)
  • Rebuilt all potential hiking locations for Points of Interests / Dungeons / Moongates / etc so players will no longer occasionally end up in invalid locations (such as someone’s house / a water fountain / etc)
  • Unlocked hiking locations for players should now be correctly tracked (previously some unlocked locations for players were “offset” by one position in the Atlas listing)


  • We’ve regenerated the Map file that gets used when players view in-game Atlas locations, Treasure Maps, etc (this will require the user to run the patcher for the lastest version)
  • Updated the location for Entrances to Dungeons in the map file


Guild Member Promotion

  • Players can no longer promote another player in their guild up to their own rank (can only promot them to one rank below them)

Guild Prestige

  • Guilds should now correctly be able to upgrade their Guild Level and recieve guild favors / unlock new guild symbols (guilds will retroactively be granted levels they should have received)
  • When a guild increases it’s Guild Level it will be announced to the server similar to achievements
  • Fixed an issue with the number displays for guild prestige earned (will no longer have 10+ decimals)
  • The Server Rank listed in the Guild Gump for Guild Prestige should now display correctly

Evening Gloves

  • Evening Gloves should now be dyable / usable with the Clothing Alteration Kit

Spirit Speaking

  • Recoded the handling for Spirit Speaking absorption of energy for Spirit Stones to fix several potential issues
  • Players can now gather energy from corpses they didnt deal any damage to (but will only receive a very small amount)

NPC Skill Training

  • When players drop gold on an NPC to train skills it will not consume any more gold than is neccessary for training

Donation Processing

  • Added a new Donation Processing system and gump: players who are logged in and receive their donation coins from staff will recieve a notification gump (on the next patch we’ll try to get this available for offline players logging in as well)



  • Fixed several issues with players not having the correct number of total achievements tracked for each category
  • Fixed several issues with players “skipping” the 2nd and 4th tier level of Societies Achievements (for titles)
  • Fixed an issue with players earning progress on the 120 Skills achievement for having 120 Tactics (100 Tactics + Power Weapon equipped)

Ghost Scouting

  • Players idling as ghosts in dungeons will be teleported to the dungeon entrance after 30 minutes

Looting and Line-of-Sight (LOS)

  • Players in houses will no longer receive the ability to loot themselves or creatures they kill regardless of LOS (mechanic is meant to players to be able to loot their own corpse / corpse in dungeons that happen to fall in out of reach areas)

Society Jobs

  • Fixed an issue where Society Jobs for Resources Maps were not being tracked correctly

Server Saves

  • Server saves will now only occur every 10 minutes since we are fairly stable performance wise

Prevalia Market (Donation Vendor)

  • Players must now double-click the Purchase button to confirm and buy items on the Prevalia Market gump window
  • Updated descriptions for items to list whether the item is already blessed, can be blessed, or not blessed