PATCH: November 11, 2018

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Damage Tracking

  • Any time a player or creature deals more damage than is needed to kill something, such as 200 flamestrike damage to a creature with 25 health remaining, the excess damage amount will not be tracked (this will prevent players from dealing a large amount of damage to a creature with 5% health remaining and “steal” the looting rights on the creature)

Bank Checks

  • Fixed an issue where bank checks, after being successfully deposited, would remain in the bank with 0 amount of them (no gold was lost by any players, it just wasnt deleting the bank check when it got down to 0 value left)
  • Any existing bank checks in the game world with 0 gold remaining on them (as described above) have been removed

New Player Dungeon

  • Fixed an issue where things flagging as Green (guildmasters / pets) werent able to be healed by players
  • Monster aggro for new player dungeon should be back to normal

Bleed Effects

  • Bleed effects for The Terrorwood, Wildwood Reaper, and Sanguineous have been toned down slightly

NPC Vendor Item Amounts

  • Increased the default amount of Bolts of Cloth on Tailors to 250 (previously was 100)
  • Increased the default amounts of Reagents on Mages, Herbalists, and Alchemists to 999 (previously was 500)
  • Increased the default amounts of Bolts and Arrows on Bowyers and Rangers to 999 (previously was 500)

Blank Maps

  • Players can now craft 3 Blank Maps with 10 Boards in the Carpentry Crafting Menu
  • Players can now craft 3 Blank Maps with 10 Leather in the Tailoring Crafting Menu